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Conquering Job Site Challenges

What advancements have you seen in heavy equipment to help overcome some of these challenges?

Demolition contractors who have had to work in tight spaces know that the safest way to work in a tight space is to not put a person in that space, which has led to some interesting developments. Brokk started engineering radio remote control robots 30 years ago. With a remote-controlled machine, operators can operate from a safe place—away from falling debris—with good sight lines.

Mining is also experimenting with robots. One of the greatest costs to deep mining is providing suitable air quality for the miners. The cost of pumping fresh air makes mining below 10,000 feet cost-prohibitive. Robot miners would alleviate that cost and bring more resources to the surface more cheaply.

Not all of these advancements are underground. Some terrains are too forbidding for traditional land transportation. Going over very uneven terrain, up steep inclines, across ice and through flooded environments are just some of the terrain challenges common on job sites. Several international original equipment manufacturers produce rough-terrain personnel carriers, but none make a carrier like the Argo ATV (all terrain vehicle). This amphibious ATV can traverse all those terrains; the company who designs and manufactures them has also designed and manufactured machines that have traversed an even more extreme environment—the moon.

What if you need to excavate a flooded area? Then you get the Normrock Amphibex—the amphibious excavator. This machine functions just like a regular hydraulic excavator, except it floats. It is ideal for excavation of shorelines, dredging and water construction. The largest in the series has a dig depth of nearly 40 feet.

answer provided by Nathan Medcalf