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MEWP and Telehandler Operator Training

Stay ANSI and OSHA compliant with online MEWP or telehandler training plus qualified in-person trainers. 

MEWP (formerly known as AWP or aerial work platform) and telehandler operators must be trained by a qualified trainer. You can be confident that you have the right credentials when you’ve got JLG on your side.

JLG offers convenient online MEWP and telehandler training in our easy-to-use online training portal, AccessReady and we'll help you get connected with a qualified trainer in our professional JLG Trainer Network to complete the in-person practical training requirement.

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What is MEWP Operator Training?


MEWP operator training is an ANSI requirement. If you are going to operate a MEWP, such as a boom lift (you might call this a cherry picker or manlift) or scissor lift, you’re required to have MEWP operator training. The same goes for any person operating a telehandler. 

During MEWP training, you’ll learn:

  • What agencies, regulations, and requirements govern MEWP operation
  • MEWP manuals, decals, and placards
  • Machine components and controls
  • Inspection requirements
  • Machine safety
  • How to properly operate a MEWP

To satisfy the MEWP operator training requirements, you have two options:

  1. Take online training – but you must finish up with an in-person, qualified trainer
  2. Take the training in person with a qualified trainer

The JLG Training department can help no matter which route you choose.


Telehandler Operator Training


In addition to MEWPs, JLG offers classes that bundle MEWP and telehandler operation training, or standalone telehandler training, for maximum training flexibility for you or your team. Much like the MEWP operator training, telehandler operator training includes an online and in-person component. The course covers:

  • Details on the guidelines governing telehandler operation
  • Review of the machine's components, decals, manuals and controls
  • Proper inspection protocols
  • Safe operation training for telehandlers

Become qualified to be a telehandler operator, MEWP operator or both with AccessReady from JLG.


Why Choose JLG for MEWP/Telehandler Operator Training?

Simply put, JLG is the industry leader in access equipment. Our trainers and world-class training center are unmatched. Our JLG Trainer Network of qualified trainers learned from our experts through our Train-the-Trainer program, so they know what we know. MEWP Operator Training from JLG is not just a piece of paper…it’s an experience. You’ll get:

  • Training you can schedule to your timeframe
  • Access to JLG-qualified trainers near you
  • Training that is always up-to-date with ANSI and OSHA standards

JLG AccessReady Training Portal


The AccessReady Training Portal is your hub for training – where you’ll sign up for and take your online courses and keep track of all your familiarization. It’s where you’ll find qualified instructors near you, so you can get training when, where and how you want it. Plus, there’s a mobile app so you can always have your proof of training on you.

Need training for your whole team? AccessReady offers discounts for bulk operator training.



How to get MEWP Operator Training

Signing up for MEWP operator training is simple.

  1. First, decide if you want to do online training plus in-person with a qualified trainer, or do all the training in person.
  2. Then, register for your AccessReady account.
  3. Sign up for your online classes –OR—find a qualified trainer in our JLG Trainer Network to conduct in-person training.
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June 2020 was the deadline to be compliant with new standards. Explore our online boot camp resources now.
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