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Develop a Game Plan Before Attending Construction Industry Trade Shows

Marcia Gruver Doyle
Editorial Director, Construction Media
Equipment World

Access 101

Develop a Game Plan Before Attending Construction Industry Trade Shows

Expert Q&A - Oct 19

What can rental companies gain from attending CONEXPO?

CONEXPO is literally the epicenter of the construction equipment industry in 2020, and manufacturers like to save their big rollouts for shows such as this. Attendees have to come with a game plan because information overload is easy—there are more than 2,800 exhibitors and 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. Start with your manufacturer must-sees and whittle your way down to the like-to-sees. Along the way, pay attention to the smaller booths that have crowds disproportionate to their size. It may be an indication that something they are displaying is resonating with show goers.

How do exhibitors stand out at CONEXPO?

This is the age-old question and what resonates with crowds at one show may not at the next. I think anything that shows contractors how to save costs on labor and how to be more productive and efficient will resonate with show goers. This is an extremely crowded venue with the added element of the new Festival Grounds, which will be about a mile away from the convention center. Helping contractors plan their way around the show—including how to get to your booth and what they’ll see when they get there—needs to be part of an exhibitor’s messaging. Give them a reason to make the extra effort.


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