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How Emerging Technologies Give Productivity & Safety a Boost

Clair David Urbain
Editor, Publisher
Pro Contractor Rentals Magazine

Access 101

How Emerging Technologies Give Productivity & Safety a Boost

Expert Q&A - Apr 19

After seeing what was presented at the 2019 Rental Show, what technologies do you think will grow most between now and next year's show?

The adoption of the new ANSI standard and how it affects mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) technology will have a huge impact on what’s available to rental centers and end users. I believe companies that are truly committed to safety will welcome these new machines because it helps them provide a safer working environment for their workers. The virtual reality technology promises to help improve worker readiness and competency without exposing them to real-world equipment use until they show a level of competency.

What are the biggest factors impacting project timeliness and profitability on today's job sites?

Increasingly, especially as contractors are adopting building information modeling (BIM) technology, matching the proper machine to the job will be paramount to staying on time and on budget. Contractors who can best manage time and materials will improve productivity, and from a rental standpoint, being able to supply the right equipment at the right time will improve efficiency and profitability.

What technologies are having the most positive impact on job productivity and worker safety?

The increasing array of attachments/add-ons available to help users customize MEWPs to the job at hand will greatly improve safety and productivity. But even before they get on the work platform, I think the greater emphasis on training and job evaluation by the owner, supervisor and end user will help improve worker safety. Virtual reality plays a part in this. The sensors increasingly available on MEWPs can significantly reduce the likelihood for struck-by incidents.


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