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Supervisor Training

ANSI Compliant Supervisor Training In Your Pajamas

There's been a few other things going on, but June 2020 was the ANSI deadline to meet the new MEWP supervisor training. Good News: You can get it all online today - don't even bother getting dressed.

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Benefits of Supervisor Training from JLG

We offer our MEWP Supervisor Training Program in a flexible online format that helps you save time and money while getting the training you need. After completing our MEWP Supervisor Training Program, you will meet the requirements of the updated A92.24 ANSI standards. Plus, you will receive a card that immediately shows employers that you are fully qualified to supervise MEWPs on the job.

We also offer on-site training for large groups. If you’re interested in setting up on-site training, please email our training center department or call 877-JLG-LIFT (554-5438) to check availability.


Why Supervisor Training?

The new ANSI A92 standards for the access industry were published on December 10, 2018, and with these standards came new requirements for supervisor training. Anyone who directly supervises MEWP operators is considered a supervisor. According to the new standards, supervisors must be trained in:


The new training requirement for supervisors must be met by June 1, 2020 for you to remain compliant.

Simple, Easy, Efficient 

The MEWP Supervisor Training Program includes a series of five online modules on our AccessReady website. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a MEWP supervisor card, so you have the credentials that confirm you’ve completed the required training for the job.


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The Importance of Compliance

With new ANSI standards published in December 2018, it’s more important than ever for companies and contractors to ensure their workers are properly trained. Everyone in the access industry must be compliant with the new standards prior to the June 1, 2020 deadline, and this includes the new requirement that anyone who supervises MEWPs on the job site must be familiar with the equipment.

Learn more about how the new standards will affect supervisors, operators, equipment owners and rental companies.

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June 2020 was the deadline to be compliant with new standards. Explore our online boot camp resources now.
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