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HomeJLG Used EquipmentBoom Lift Reconditioning Program | JLG

New life for your machines 
Inside and out

jlg reconditioned boom after jlg reconditioned boom before

JLG Reconditioning restores boom lifts to their like-new condition. The factory-trained experts at our state-of-the-art facility can enhance the longevity and value of machines in 11 days. What you get: factory-approved, warranty-backed equipment with greater ROI.

Ready to extend the life of your fleet?

jlg reconditioning value

Your Value

When now isn’t the time for new, extend the life of your fleet and maximize your ROI.

jlg reconditioning proof

Why it Works

Learn how the JLG Reconditioning program can work for you.

On the factory floor

Take a look inside our state-of-the-art facility to see what goes into restoring your machine, from teardown to final inspection before delivery.

Follow a machine as it goes through the reconditioning process.

Your finest alternative to new

When now isn’t the right time to buy new, JLG Reconditioning is a cost-effective way to extend the longevity of your fleet.

See your savings

Our Process

Like-new machines in 11 days

Our factory-trained technicians follow strict JLG guidelines and use genuine parts to restore boom lifts to factory-approved, field-ready condition. On average, this process takes 11 days.

jlg boom telehandler
Day 1-2


The machine is disassembled to the core, and major components are removed for rebuilding or replacement. Only strict OEM processes are what we follow for restoring your equipment to original machine specification.

  • Fluids are drained and turntable bearing is inspected.
  • Engine hood is removed and replaced during reassembly.
  • Boom is disassembled, and all wear pads, chains, shims, ropes and cables removed.
  • Boom is inspected for structural integrity.
Day 3–5


The boom and machine core are sent to the paint station. All painting is done to new manufacturing standards and processes. JLG uses a state-of-the-art paint mix system to check and maintain the highest paint quality, from primer to drying and curing.

  • Equipment is washed and pre-treated with rust preventative.
  • Booms go through blast operation to take it to bare metal.
  • Parts are primed, painted, treated with clear coat then sent to drying operation.
  • Technicians run quality control checks of pH, temperature, viscosity, color and adhesion.
Day 6–8


Reassembly follows the same guidelines as new equipment manufacturing. Technicians document the work completed at each station in a log book that follows equipment throughout reconditioning.

  • Sub-assembly: install rebuilt boom cylinders, front end components and new wear pads and wire ropes as needed
  • Install new tires and hoses
  • Install swing hub and upper swivel hose
  • Install rebuilt engine, pump, generator and hydraulic tank
  • Install lower boom and counterweight
  • Install upper boom and platform sub-assembly
  • Install engine hood and decals, test all pressure and prep machine for testing
Day 9


Technicians look for and fix any discrepancies, and follow a detailed checklist to make sure all functions and safety features are up to JLG standards.

  • Test boom angles and axle release
  • Check all safety switches
  • Test all drive and lift speeds
  • Make sure all hardware is secured and installed properly
Day 10

Final Audit

Once the machine is inspected, it goes through a final quality audit before it's ready to ship. The final audit includes a check for fluid leaks and a verification of safety features, speeds and functions. JLG guidelines and new manufacturing processes ensure that every machine passes the required ANSI annual machine inspection and meets other ANSI standards. Each reconditioned machine is backed by a three-year warranty (442 KB PDF).

  • Technicians check hydraulic system by adding a special dye to fluids and using a black light to pinpoint leaks
  • Final check of all machine switches and safety features
  • Check the overall appearance of machine
Day 11

Good as new

jlg reconditioning value icon Value

Get more from your machine

Save your equipment and save money with JLG Reconditioning.

jlg reconditioning platform before after

Maximize your ROI

When your equipment is reconditioned by JLG, you’ll realize a savings of up to 65% over buying a new machine.* You can also refresh your fleet by buying reconditioned boom lifts already in stock. Both options allow you to maximize your ROI.

*Savings based off new machine list price and reconditioning a customer-owned machine. Actual savings will vary based on scope of work.

jlg reconditioning savings graph

Factory inspected

All booms that go through our reconditioning process are restored to their original specifications. Strict JLG guidelines and new equipment manufacturing processes ensure every machine passes the required ANSI annual machine inspection and meets other ANSI standards. JLG reconditioned units are ready to go straight from the facility to the job site.

JLG Annual Inspection includes a thorough evaluation of these major components (as applicable by model):

  • Electrical system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Drive train
  • Structural components
jlg reconditioning final inspection

Best-in-class warranty

All reconditioned booms are backed by a three-year warranty — making ours one of the best of its kind in the industry for reconditioned equipment.

Download the JLG Reconditioning Warranty (432 KB PDF)

Download the JLG Certified Used Product Warranty Americas

Download the JLG Limited Used Product Warranty Americas

jlg reconditioning proof Proof

Reconditioning Works for You
When Your Bottom Line Matters

More ROI. Equipment rebuilt with quality and precision. That’s what makes JLG an industry leader in equipment reconditioning. See why JLG Reconditioning makes sense for your fleet.

600S Boom Lift Reconditioned

expand your fleet affordably

What do you get from JLG Reconditioning?
Machines that are up to original equipment specification — and the reassurance that you’ll see more ROI from your revived fleet.

Learn more about the benefits of reconditioning lift equipment in this article from Construction Business Owner.

Read article

jlg G10 55a telehandler

Working for You

Hear from our expert technicians on how reconditioning can extend the longevity and profitability of equipment.


Awarded to our Shippensburg and Bedford, Pennsylvania, facilities, this prestigious achievement recognizes companies who record injury and illness rates at or below the national average for their industry.

Safety is who we are at JLG. This proactive approach allows our team to go home the same way they came to work every day.