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Heavy Equipment Financing for Canada: JLG Financial

JLG Financial™ Retail Finance Program: Your One-Stop Source for Customer Financing

Create a new source of revenue with easy, affordable financing options for you and your customers with JLG Financial. Our funding partnerships, subsidized retail programs, and competitive interest rates help you drive more profit and manage your rental inventory efficiently. For customer fleet financing we offer:

  • 100% financing for all makes & models, new or used heavy equipment
  • Competitive financing at competitive rates
  • Industry-leading response time and approvals
  • Finance deals starting at $3k
  • Pre-Approvals lasting up to 120 days; giving you the power to shop diligently
  • Everything on one invoice, with one affordable monthly payment

Want to help your customers get the financing they need?

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United States Retail Customers: Find out more about our financing program in the US.

Rental/Distributor Financing For All of Your Fleet Needs 

With JLG Financial your business will get:

  • Customizable programs to meet the needs of your growing business
  • Competitive interest rates

  • Tailored payment structure to maximize cash flow for your business

  • No hassle credit approval process
  • 100% financing for any JLG or SkyTrak machine, new or used

We’ll help you keep your business running!

JLG Financial Canada: Complete flexibility to finance your business.  Contact your sales representative for more details.

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United States Rental Fleet Customers: Find out more about our financing program in the US.

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JLG Financial Resource Guide

Finance Calculator Image

Used Equipment Financing

Finance Used Equipment in Canada

     Financing Construction Equipment

Finance Construction Equipment Canada 

Need equipment financing but not sure where to go? JLG Financial has you covered. Everything you need to know is  in our Resource Guide.

Financing Resource Guide

Used equipment financing opens up a wealth of options for any buyer. With the right lender, you can leverage used equipment purchases to your advantage.

Financing Used Equipment

Purchasing construction equipment can come with hidden prices. Learn why construction equipment financing has become an invaluable asset to businesses like yours.

Financing Construction Equipment

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When You Are Ready to Finance, We Are Ready to Help. Equipment Financing Canada

What is equipment financing? Learn everything you need to know with JLG Financial.
Want to learn more about equipment financing? Go to our Financing Resources page to learn everything you need to know before your next equipment loan.  Get Your Resources
Used Equipment
Purchase as-is used equipment to build a robust fleet on a budget.
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