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Attend Trade Shows to Grow Your Business

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Various industry experts share their insights

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Attend Trade Shows to Grow Your Business

Expert Q&A - Dec 18

What are the benefits of attending trade shows like The Rental Show?

For rental stores, there is no other place to have the opportunity to network with peers, attend rental-specific educational seminars or see as much equipment in one place at one time that is being marketed to the equipment rental industry. The Rental Show, specifically, remains a “buying” show with many attendees taking advantage of Show-Only Specials that often provide a savings that more than pays for the travel and costs of attending the show. The Rental Show also is a “closed” show, open only to those in the equipment rental industry.

- answer provided by Wayne Walley, editor-in-chief of Rental Management Group


Attending trade shows not only allows for a glimpse at new equipment and products, but it also puts everyone face-to-face. It’s so easy to sit behind a screen or on a phone and never see who you’re working with. Being on a show floor puts the human perspective into place. You also can tackle so much in one day, you’ll feel like a super hero come five o’clock.

- answer provided by Lindsey Anderson, editor of Access, Lift & Handlers


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