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Telehandler Attachments

Enhance the versatility and performance of your telehandler. JLG offers a variety of convenient telehandler attachments that enable you to handle an even wider range of jobs easier and faster.

Note: Not all attachments are available for all models. Photographs are representative of each telehandler attachment.

Download the Telehander Attachment Guide (4.3 MB)

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Side-Shift Carriage

Four-inch left and right carriage shift allows for precision load placement.

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Side-Tilt Carriage

Tilts loads from side-to-side and allows for minor lateral positioning of the load during final placement.

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Standard Carriage

Forks that are fully floating and adjustable side-to-side for efficient load entry and exit; available in various sizes.

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Swing Carriage

Allows for greater versatility in moving and placing materials in confined areas or when exact positioning is required.

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Dual Fork Positioning Carriage

Provides the ability to adjust the position of the forks, allowing the operator to handle a variety of palletized loads without having to leave the cab.

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360-Degree Rotating Carriage

Continuous 360-degree fork rotation, for easier load placement in complex positions



Grapple Buckets

Features a hydraulic grapple arm to secure bulky loads and assist in job site cleanup. Not designed for digging.

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Material Buckets

Clean up the job site, spread gravel or for loading and leveling. Not designed for digging.

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Cubing Forks

Allows operator to load, unload and place cubes of brick and block with ease.

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Fork Extensions

Provide additional support to lift large or long objects. Made with heavy-duty steel, and a pin is used to secure them to the existing telehandler forks.

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Lumber Forks

Wider width provides a larger surface area for stability when transporting longer material.

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Pallet Forks

Rugged design makes it easier to handle heavy palletized material.

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Application-Specific Attachments

Pipe Grapple

Designed for handling multiple pipes or larger single pipe.

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Sheet Material Handler

For placing sheet material in windows and other entry points more efficiently.

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Tire Handler

Increases productivity by reducing or eliminating the manual labor involved with tire mounting, removal and handling.

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Truss Boom

Allows operator to set trusses and wall sections for wood and steel building construction; available with or without winch.

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Fork-Mounted Extendable Truss

For lifting and placing objects around the job site. Ideal for metal building erection, setting wooden trusses and erecting post frame buildings.

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9-ft Truss Boom with Winch


Turns telehandler into a crane; longer forward reach to place and lower loads.

General Telehandler Attachments

Material Handling Arm

Designed for lifting and placing objects around the job site, the material handling arm is ideal for building construction and civil engineering applications.

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Moves materials to a higher row of scaffolding by extending the vertical reach without any additional boom extension; increases lift height by eight feet.

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Coupler Mounted Winch

Mounts directly to machine's coupler without carriage or forks. Proficiently lift and lower objects without forks impeding placement.

Fork-Mounted Lifting Hook

Add versatility to any standard carriage by lifting and lowering objects without changing attachments.

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Coupler Mounted Lifting Hook

For lifting and lowering objects.


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Universal Skid Steer Adapter

Compatible with most skid steer attachments.

*Only available for the G5-18A. For non-load-bearing attachments only.

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Work Platforms

Extendable Trilateral Work Platform

Lift more people and maximize safety and efficiently.

Fork-Mounted Work Platform

Extend the capabilities of your telehandler and get more work done by lifting materials and persons to working heights.

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Become more versatile with a breadth of telehandler attachments, surely to fit any job.

Explore forks, carriages, buckets and specialty attachments available for your telehandler.

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