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Find Your Next Aerial Lift Rental Today

When you need to work at height, you want to rent a lift that lets you go higher and work faster. Renting JLG® aerial lift equipment helps you tackle whatever challenge the job throws at you with flexibility and confidence. Whether you need a machine for indoor facility maintenance tasks, an order picker for your warehouse or a robust outdoor machine for demanding job site work, we have you covered. JLG supplies access equipment, including boom lifts, scissor lifts and telehandlers, to rental companies around the world.

Finding safe, reliable access equipment should be easy when you need to rent a lift. Use our locator to find a lift rental that fits your job site and application.

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Boom Lift Rental

Looking for a cherry picker rental? You may need a boom lift instead. Both articulating and telescopic boom lifts can tackle tough jobs at height. From job start to completion, JLG boom lift rentals give you the reach and power necessary to keep productivity high.


Telescopic boom lift rentals

Telescopic Boom Lift Rentals

Telescopic boom lift rentals let you reach farther with more capacity, putting you right where you need to be as simply and efficiently as possible. They are ideal for tasks that require extended horizontal and vertical outreach.

  • Straight boom provides greatest horizontal reach
  • Variety of types available, from tracked models to the Ultra Series, with enhanced height and reach
  • Engine powered, electric or hybrid boom lifts allow you to choose the power and efficiency combination you need

Articulating boom lift rentals

Articulating Boom Lift Rentals

Articulating boom lift rentals feature a versatile jib that takes you up and over objects for precise positioning. Access hard-to-reach places while painting tricky architecture, completing aircraft maintenance or performing maintenance in narrow spaces.

  • Large work envelopes for exceptional outreach;
  • Articulating jib takes you up and over obstacles
  • Engine powered or, for greener operation, electric and hybrid boom lifts available

Compact Crawler Boom Lift Rentals

Compact Crawler Boom Lift Rentals

Compact Crawler boom lift rentals feature low weight and rubber tracks that allow you to go more places around the job site. Work indoors or out with a lift that fits through narrow doorways and into compact spaces. Reach up and over stairs and other obstructions to change light bulbs, paint walls and even trim trees.

  • Environmentally friendly with standard AC power, gas or lithium-ion electrical system that doesn’t produce emissions
  • Tracked wheel carriage enables lifts to climb slopes, and narrow chassis allows access through tight spaces
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor jobs

Tow-Pro® Series towable boom lift rentals

Tow-Pro® Series Towable Boom Lift Rentals

Tow-Pro® Series towable boom lift rentals, also known as bucket lift rentals, give you the transportable reach you need. When mobility is of utmost importance, choose a tow behind boom lift rental that gives you the flexibility to move from job to job with ease.

  • Includes a standard combination hitch, industry-leading 65-mph tow-behind speed and hydraulic auto-leveling outriggers
  • Features 24V-DC electric or 9-hp gas-powered engine

Scissor Lift Rental

Consider a scissor lift rental, also known as a man lift rental, instead of a ladder rental. JLG scissor lifts deliver long-lasting performance for indoor maintenance or outdoor construction tasks.


Electric Scissor Lift Rentals

Electric Scissor Lift Rentals

Electric scissor lift rentals have longer runtimes, promote quieter working environments and produce zero emissions. Tackle drywalling, painting, HVAC maintenance and electrical work. We even offer models that can be used in cold storage applications and sensitive environments like hospitals or schools.

Engine Powered Scissor Lift Rentals

Engine Powered Scissor Lift Rentals

Engine powered scissor lift rentals traverse rough terrain with a platform that can carry more tools and people thanks to enhanced power and stability. Complete outdoor jobs with confidence, whether you need to move multiple sheets of drywall, elevate multiple workers at once or handle other heavy materials.

Telehandler Rental

Available in two brands, JLG and SkyTrak® telehandler rentals reach the greatest heights of performance. Our telehandler models feature various capacities and heights, so you can choose the machine that best fits the needs of your job and application.


Electric scissor lift rentals

JLG and SkyTrak Telehandler Rental

Our telehandlers feature three steering modes to meet various maneuverability requirements. Because of their extended boom and attachments, telehandlers—referred to as forklifts by some—can complete jobs with more power, reach and versatility. Award-winning models with various capacities and heights allow you to choose the telehandler rental that best suits your job site needs.

Order Picker Rental

When you enlist the help of an order picker—also known as a stock picker—you’re improving efficiency, reach and safety at your warehouse. A JLG® stock picker rental can be used to expedite order picking tasks because it can fit down even a narrow aisle to access a pallet of product.


Driveable Stock Pickers

Driveable Stock Picker Rentals

Reduce the time between sale and shipment. Driveable order pickers remove the need to drive, stop, then lift because they lift workers up as they drive, bringing them near the products in an order before they come to a complete stop. Thanks to a zero turning radius and long battery cycles, an order picker rental can take the place of a walkie stacker or warehouse forklift in certain applications where a more compact solution is needed.


Find your order picker, telehandler, scissor lift or boom lift rental today.

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