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Placing Value in Our Interns

At JLG, we value fresh ideas, new perspectives, and innovation. This means we value what our interns bring to the table and ensure that their voices are heard and taken seriously. As a JLG intern, you won’t be working on anything that our experienced, full-time employees wouldn’t be (meaning no busy work or coffee runs). 


We Value Our Interns

It's more than just an internship. We're a family.



 At JLG Industries we want nothing more than to help our interns advance their career and to join our JLG family. That's why we are committed to making your experience as valuable as possible. To many interns, this includes competitive pay, transparent job expectations, and fulfilling recognition.


JLG Industries works 1-on-1 with interns before their summer internship to ensure their internship expectations will be met and that their summer projects will be uniquely tailored to them in a way that will advance their career goals. We also ensure competitive pay for all our JLG interns, which many claim have helped them meet their educational financial needs. 


But value doesn't stop at financial fulfillment or career advancement. We provide our interns with the necessary recognition they deserve at the end of each summer by holding a project expo. This project expo allows every intern from every department to showcase their hard work to organizational leaders within the JLG segment, including to former intern and JLG President Frank Nerenhausen himself.


However, this value will carry with you for the rest of your career. Your internship with JLG doesn't have to end when the summer is over. Many of our interns join our JLG family to work with us full-time, or come back the following summer for a second internship.


We know that our interns make a direct impact on our organization—and that's why we value them just as much as they value us. We open our arms to all future interns and welcome them to our JLG family.


Interns 2020 Video Play

Hear directly from our 2020 Interns about how working with JLG has kick started their careers!

Hear From Our Interns
Life After the Internship Video with Play Button

Each summer we hire some of our interns to work with us full-time. Here's their experiences.

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President Frank Nerenhausen in front of old Boom Lift

JLG President Frank Nerenhausen started as an intern. Here's his message to you.

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