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Meet President Frank Nerenhausen

Starting as a JLG Intern, Frank Nerenhausen quickly rose to President of our JLG family.

From Intern to President

This is Frank Nerenhausen's message to you.

Message from Frank Nerenhausen 


Former Oshkosh Intern and Access Segment President (JLG and Jerr-Dan)

Frank's Message to You:

"As a college student, contemplating your professional career can be daunting. It’s easy to second-guess yourself because you have very little real world exposure to your professional path, outside of classroom learning, mentor relationships or general observations from your environment. That’s what internships are for and why the Oshkosh family of companies puts so much emphasis on developing world-class programs.


If you’re still with me, chances are that we have at least one thing in common—we recognize the importance of on-the-job experiences before taking that bold step into the adult workforce. More than a few years ago, I was fortunate to be hired as an Oshkosh intern. And probably just like you, I had certain expectations and ideas of what the workforce would look and feel like. Let’s just say that I learned more than my fair share about “reality vs. expectation.” That’s not to say it wasn’t a great experience, because it absolutely was.


Some might say that my experience and path was unique, and maybe it was at a certain point. But as you explore what’s ahead of you, let me offer some basic advice. Keep an open mind and never stop learning.  I can’t say that I ever expected my career journey to be where it is today, but I credit that to being open to change and a constant willingness to listen and learn. And it all started with an internship.


Thank you for taking a look at us. If you join our program, my promise is that we will provide you with the most valuable, professional intern experience anywhere."


—Frank Nerenhausen

Former Oshkosh Intern and Access Segment President (JLG and Jerr-Dan)

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