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JLG® Mobile Control

Wireless Control For Your JLG Electric Scissor Lifts

Introducing JLG® Mobile Control, the new option from JLG that allows you to drive, steer and load your stowed scissor lift from your mobile device.  


Install JLG Mobile Control on Your Machines

With your machine equipped with JLG Mobile Control, you can:

  • Operate your scissor from up to a 40’ distance with Bluetooth® enabled technology, allowing better visibility of possible obstructions while maintaining a safe distance from the machine
  • Position your machine into tight spots or navigate through areas with low clearance from outside, and away from, the platform
  • Load your machine onto trucks at the end of the work day with ease, from the ground and at a distance from the truck and machine


How JLG Mobile Control Works

Once your machine is equipped with the JLG Mobile Control hardware:

  • Download the JLG Mobile Control app on your iOS or Android mobile device
  • Open the app and scan the machine-specific QR Code on the machine
  • Use the app to drive and steer your machine

Download the Mobile Control Infographic for a quick reference guide. 

JLG Mobile Control is available to order on all electric scissor lifts and is available via aftermarket to upfit existing scissors.*

*Machines built prior to May 2019 may require a software update.


apple store                google play

The JLG® Mobile Control app can be downloaded from the App Store® or Google Play® store.  App Store and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.  Google Play is a registered trademark of Google LLC.


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