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Introducing the new JLG Advanced Battery Monitoring System. One more way JLG is helping you and your fleet be more productive and efficient through advanced technologies.

This app provides concise, actionable data that fleet managers can use to ensure fewer worksite interruptions and improve project completion times. The new system for electric scissors and boom lifts analyzes the machine's battery charge and usage, while providing superior diagnostic information on the battery and charger system. 


Spend More Time on the Job and Less Time on Maintenance

  • Increased Uptime: Machines that lose charge during the workday slow productivity. Now you can analyze depletion tracking and current status at the fleet level to gain a better understanding of the batteries and charger in seconds.
  • Reduced Maintenance and Replacement Costs: The application’s actionable data helps you achieve best charge/discharge practices that can lead to a 40% improvement in battery life. Additionally, this tool helps reduce up to 70% of charger replacements that are performed in error due to a lack of actionable data.
  • Time Savings: Time-consuming charger algorithm changes are simplified, so maintenance can be up to eight times faster. You’ll spend less time changing batteries and/or chargers, too, for better control of your battery maintenance.

For more information on features, models, and availability:

Download the Flyer

Components include a new Smart Charger, which logs the charge history and details on the machine controller, and a Mobile Control hardware module that provides wireless connectivity and interaction, allowing you to access the data with a handheld analyzer tool or in the Mobile Control App.


How to Get the Advanced Battery Monitoring System

New Machine Purchases – the JLG Smart Charger is standard on all new E-booms and ES Scissors. It is an option for R Series Scissors.

Existing Machines – You’ll need to purchase both the JLG Smart Charger retrofit kit and the Mobile Control retrofit kit, as well as update your device to the latest app software.

  • JLG Smart Charger Kit
  • ES Scissor Mobile Control Kit
  • E-Boom Retrofit Kit (coming soon) 

R Scissor Mobile Control Kit

See How ABMS Works

Watch the Advanced Battery Monitoring demonstration:

Get Retrofit!

Buy the Mobile Control Retrofit kits needed to use the Advanced Battery Monitoring System



Simple Maintenance for Deep Cycle Batteries

Easy-to-do maintenance tips for deep cycle batteries.



Improve MEWP Battery Life

Hand holding phone in front of scissor model

There is nothing worse than going to use a machine only to find out that the battery is dead. Try these tips to ensure your machine is ready to work when you are!



Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Battery Monitoring System FAQs