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Learn More About Lifting & Placing Materials with JLG Rotating Telehandlers

Blog Posts - Nov 23

Learn More About Lifting & Placing Materials with JLG Rotating Telehandlers

Sara Vincent
Director of Marketing
JLG Industries

Industry-wide, access equipment manufacturers have a slew of solutions, design innovations and tips to help operators lift materials safely and efficiently in the face of uneven ground, poor visibility, overloading, wind conditions and other common job site challenges.  

One such solution recently introduced in North America is JLG’s three new rotating telehandlers — the R1370, R1385, and R11100. Equipped with a variety of productivity solutions, these machines offer the versatility to lift and place materials on congested job sites. 

JLG Rotating Telehandlers at a Glance
For example, the Automatic Attachment Recognition feature identifies the attachment at the end of the boom and then “selects the corresponding load capacity chart and LMIS (Load Management Information System) settings for it,” explains Rogerio dos Santos, Vice-President of Engineering for Telehandlers at JLG.

The LMIS system “visually indicates whether the load is compliant with the load capacity chart and prevents operations that violate the boundaries of that chart,” he continues. 

Load Stability Indicator (LSI) works with LMIS to prevent overloads when the load nears maximum capacity, in JLG telehandlers. 

As the name implies, the upper frame of a rotating telehandler (also called a rotary telehandler or roto) can swivel 360-degrees. This attribute “improves both productivity and safety in congested job sites. A rotating telehandler can reach several places on the site without the need to drive and maneuver the machine like you have to do with a conventional telehandler,” says Santos.

The R1370, R1385, and R11100 also have cylinder and chain-driven booms for increased reach and lift capacity (maximum reach height ranges from 67 to 97 feet, with a maximum lift capacity of 11,000-13,200 lbs). These telehandlers have automatic leveling systems for uneven ground. When activated, crane supports (also called outriggers) extend from the telehandler and are manually or automatically positioned to level the frame and secure the machine.   

To learn more about JLG’s rotating telehandlers, click here.

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