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You Asked, We Answered: What Are Remanufactured Parts? Are They Reliable?

Blog Posts - Aug 23

You Asked, We Answered: What Are Remanufactured Parts? Are They Reliable?

Wade Jones
Sr. Director of Operations
JLG Industries

Two common things equipment owners ask about when they need to purchase a part are its reliability and cost. It’s important to know about the type of part you’re putting in your equipment to determine if it will provide the desired efficiency and lifespan, as well as fit within your budget. 

One option to consider when it comes time to make a replacement is a remanufactured part.

Producing Remanufactured Parts at a Glance
As technology and standards continue to improve, remanufactured parts have become a cost-efficient option for parts replacement while eliminating waste at the same time. Let’s take a deeper look at what remanufactured parts are, how they are produced, where to find them and how to know if they are reliable.

What are remanufactured parts?
A remanufactured part — also referred to as a reman part — is a used OEM part that has been stripped down, and all of its worn components have been replaced according to the original factory specifications. The process is like how the part was originally manufactured, but instead of all new parts, some of the components and materials have been previously used are brought back to OEM standard Remanufactured parts are especially ideal for repairing older pieces of equipment.

These aren’t to be confused with a fixed part. Fixed parts only replace a specific area that has failed. Instead, remanufactured part is completely broken down to correct any flaws, wear, or damage to bring part up to like new condition. 

How are these parts produced?
Remanufactured parts are disassembled, and each component is then inspected following OEM specifications to determine whether it can be used or if it needs to be replaced. Common wear parts that are replaced are gears, seals, O-rings, washers and gaskets.

Producing remanufactured parts saves on materials, compared to what is needed to manufacture new parts, which means they can cost 30-70 percent less than a new one, due to cutting material cost.

Are remanufactured parts reliable?
While these parts provide a low-cost alternative, their quality and reliability are comparable to a new part standard. Each component must pass the same level of inspection as a new part. Many remanufactured parts also come with a warranty like or even better than those offered with new parts, helping ease any concerns owners might have.

Using remanufactured parts helps in material cost savings to build parts and if the current market struggles to get new parts in stock. Remanufactured parts allow owners to use the OEM standard part and get the equipment back on the job site sooner.

How are cores to build reman parts received? 
There are three different processes due to part size and reman parts facilities.

  1. The first process is for small parts, such as generators, controllers, alternators and others. JLG provides prepaid UPS shipping labels with parts shipped from our warehouses that require cores. Then customers simply put the part back into the box and arrange UPS pickup for a Core Return
  2. The second process is for drive train axles and transmissions. These customers reach out to reman@jlg.com to receive RGA and ship-to information.
  3. If customers order EX, they are responsible to return to closest address listed on flyers. If a customer orders EXF, then JLG will cover the freight of the product once information is received to setup LTL trucks for pickup to our TMC Team.   

Where to find reman parts
Remanufactured parts are an economical solution to maintaining equipment, especially if you are repairing an older fleet. They can be found online directly from the equipment manufacturer, or you can ask your trusted dealer. 

JLG® Reman parts, available for purchase through Online Express, offer reliable, factory-approved parts that come with a one-year warranty — including remanufactured competitive parts. That allows you to find all your remanufactured parts in one place, even if you operate a mixed fleet.

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