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Market Watch: Demand Growing for MEWPs in Industrial Applications

Blog Posts - Aug 23

Market Watch: Demand Growing for MEWPs in Industrial Applications

Sara Vincent
Director of Marketing
JLG Industries

It is common to see a wide range of JLG® MEWPs being used in industrial applications like warehouses and data centers, from larger boom lifts and rough terrain scissor lifts for outdoor work to smaller, narrower or all-electric scissor lifts or low-level access models for indoor task
MEWPs in Industrial Applications at a glance
One driver of this is the shift in consumer buying habits. With a larger percentage of purchases being completed online, warehouse space is in high demand, and warehouse construction is on the rise. This type of construction oftentimes requires continuous placement of utilities at a fixed height along the length of a building. And many types of MEWPs are specifically designed with this capability.

We are also seeing narrow lifts being used between aisles for access to ceiling areas where lightbulbs and other maintenance requirements are necessary. 

Like warehouses, to support our data-driven world, the use of MEWPs in data centers is growing in demand for these types of products during both construction and longer-term maintenance work stages.

Outside their uses in data centers and warehouses, there are other industrial market segments where demand is also strong. That’s because construction and maintenance are omnipresent in industrial facilities, such as manufacturing, airports, aviation and aerospace, chemical plants, energy production and distribution, oil and gas refineries, wind and solar farms, laboratories, food processing and cold storage. New sites are being built all the time, and the facilities that are up and running require regular maintenance, while others are undergoing upgrades, so there’s consistent work to be done, driving strong demand across the entire sector for MEWPs. A wide range of boom, scissor and vertical mast lifts are used in these applications. 

That said, demand for JLG’s low-level access lifts (under 20-ft) in industrial applications continues to increase as companies place more focus on replacing ladders and scaffolding in the workplace. Ladder falls and overuse injuries as the result of ladder use have many negative outcomes. In addition to employee injury, falls can lead to lost time, reduced productivity, and result in costly workers’ compensation claims. Safety-conscious companies are committing more and more to the elimination of ladders when alternative equipment solutions like low-level access lifts can be used to complete the work.

JLG’s low-level access machines are designed for operator comfort and efficiency of use. They are purpose-built to reduce strain on the body and lessen the risk of musculoskeletal injuries caused by repetitive movements, such as climbing up and down a ladder. And once in the air, operators in low-level access equipment can use both hands comfortably to complete work at height, a full 360-degrees. 

This equipment also features portability benefits. Low-level access equipment can be lowered and moved from one location to another to perform multiple tasks throughout a facility. The products have a small footprint, are lighter weight for use on sensitive flooring and can fit into elevators for movement between floors for finish and fit-out work and ongoing maintenance. 

For the industrial market, including manufacturing and facilities management, JLG offers MEWPs that feature compact sizes, low vehicle weight, narrow chassis, a variety of accessories and enhanced maneuverability, helping our users be as efficient and productive as possible. Use JLG’s Equipment Selector to find the right machine for your next industrial project. 

For a look at how JLG products are used in different industries, click here.

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