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What Are the Differences in Genuine, Aftermarket, Competitive and Remanufactured Parts?

Blog Posts - Feb 23

What Are the Differences in Genuine, Aftermarket, Competitive and Remanufactured Parts?

Wade Jones
Sr. Director of Operations
JLG Industries

When your equipment’s parts become worn or damaged, you will need to find a replacement to get you back up and running in peak condition. However, before you can do that, you need to know that there are four types of parts available: Genuine, Aftermarket, Competitive, and Remanufactured.

While these may seem similar, they aren’t. And, it is essential to understand the differences, and where to source them, before making a purchase.
What's the Difference Between Different Types of Parts?

Keep reading to learn more about these four types of parts so you can figure out which one(s) will work best for your machines.

Genuine parts

A factory-approved part that is supplied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in their packaging is known as a genuine part. Genuine parts are the exact replacement parts for your equipment, so you don’t have to worry if they will be as effective as the previous one. They will most likely come with a manufacturer’s warranty, improving the confidence level you can have in the parts and maximizing the resale value of the equipment.

These types of parts can be purchased directly from the OEM, such as through JLG’s Online Express, or from authorized providers, such as JLG’s network of equipment distributors and service centers.


Aftermarket parts

As the name suggests, aftermarket parts come out after the equipment has come to the market. These parts follow the same designs as the original versions; however, they might be slightly enhanced or use different materials after producers see what did or didn’t work in the initial versions. Aftermarket parts can also come from a different manufacturer than the one who originally produced them.

While not always the case, aftermarket parts tend to cost less than genuine parts — but remember that quality varies by manufacturer. With aftermarket parts, there is always the risk of counterfeit or low-quality parts, which is why it’s important to purchase them from a reputable manufacturer. Using these parts can also affect or void the coverage on the equipment, but the competitor may offer a parts warranty, as well. Like with any purchase, it’s good to do your homework.


Competitive parts

When a manufacturer offers replacement parts for its competitor’s machines, these components are called competitive parts. Competitive parts have evolved to become more comparable to OEM parts with the same form, fit and function as the originals. They are crafted to look and function like genuine parts from other original equipment manufacturers, but if they are not sourced directly from the OEM, they may be offered in different, custom variations than the original part.


Remanufactured parts

Designed to be an economical option that will keep your machines in working order, remanufactured parts are ideal for repairing older equipment. These parts start as worn components that are restored to a like-new condition. Then, remanufactured parts are tested to ensure they match OEM specifications and perform to a high standard.

While many commonly referred to these as used parts in the past, contractors have become more educated about the thorough testing and environmentally friendly processes involved to create them. Manufacturers like JLG offer reliable, factory-approved remanufactured parts that come with a one-year warranty and remanufactured competitive parts.


Use trusted parts and service

To figure out which type of part is best for you, consider the manufacturer’s reputation and the product’s quality, warranty, availability and price. The parts you use will play a significant role in the equipment’s overall efficiency and safety, so figuring out which option best meets your needs is worth researching.

JLG offers customers a variety of these parts, providing options for a range of equipment, needs and budgets to choose from. JLG offers three lines of parts for purchase on Online Express: JLG Genuine, MaxQuip and JLG Reman. 

  • A line of factory-approved parts, JLG Genuine replacement parts have been tested by JLG engineers to ensure the original specs are met. 
  • MaxQuip by JLG allows you to purchase high-quality parts for your entire mixed fleet, with products for 71 popular brands. 
  • If you’re looking for remanufactured parts, you’ll find reliable, factory-approved parts from JLG Reman that come with a one-year warranty. 

To learn more about JLG’s parts and accessories offering, click here. To start shopping for replacement parts on Online Express, click here.

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