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Check Out the Latest Accessories for JLG and SkyTrak Telehandlers

Blog Posts - Aug 22

Check Out the Latest Accessories for JLG and SkyTrak Telehandlers

Mike Crooks
Regional Vice President - Aftermarket Sales
JLG Industries

Accessories for JLG® and SkyTrak® telehandlers contribute to the machines’ productivity and efficiency, which all impact the bottom line. That’s because quality accessories help operators get the job done, right and on time, and help technicians complete maintenance tasks, with little downtime.

Below are highlights of the different options available, as well as details on how to order telehandler accessories from JLG.

Latest Accessories for JLG Telehandlers at a Glance

Seatbelt Engagement Assurance and Operator Presence for (select) JLG Telehandlers
The seatbelt engagement assurance functions by producing a visible and audible alarm that activates whenever an operator is seated and unbuckled. The alarms will cease when the operator fastens the seatbelt, leaves the seat or turns the vehicle ignition off. The alarms are intended to alert and remind the operator and will not prevent engine start up or hydraulic and drive functions, similar to seat belt alarms in automobiles.

The operator presence functionality prohibits engine start and hydraulic functions if an operator is not present. Additionally, if the system detects a loss of seat pressure during operation, one of the following will occur: 

  • If the park brake is engaged and the transmission is in neutral, hydraulic controls are disabled. Upon returning to a seated position, the hydraulic controls are enabled. 
  • If the park brake is disengaged and the transmission is in neutral, hydraulic controls are disabled and the cabin alarm sounds continuously. Upon returning to a seated position, hydraulic controls are enabled, and the cabin alarm will cease. 
  • If the park brake is disengaged and the transmission is in forward or reverse, hydraulic controls are disabled, the cabin alarm sounds continuously, and the transmission shifts to neutral. Upon returning to a seated position, hydraulic controls are enabled, and the cabin alarm will cease. The transmission will need to be returned to neutral to allow the system to reset prior to re-engaging forward or reverse travel.

Remote Boom Control (available on select models) for JLG Telehandlers
This feature enables operators to control the boom from outside the cab, providing improved visibility during load placement. And, it can potentially eliminate the need for two people — one in the cab and one at the location where the material is being placed — for improved job site efficiency. With the remote boom control feature, operators are able to wirelessly operate the following machine functions: Engine startup, boom raise / lower, boom extend / retract, fork tilt up / down and auxiliary hydraulics. 

Multi-Reverse Camera System for SkyTrak Telehandlers 
Giving operators more confidence when backing up, this optional feature increases job site awareness by displaying multiple views from behind the machine — left, right, and rear. The SkyTrak multi-reverse camera system can be used for day or night operation and features three components: Left- and right-side back-up cameras, rear back-up camera and a tri-view monitor. 

Reverse Sensing System 
Alerts operators of rear obstructions.

Reversing Camera 
Operators can back up with confidence thanks to the rearview camera.

Multifunction Display 
Everything an operator needs at a glance, including integrated electronic load charts, a reversing camera, onboard diagnostics and analyzer capabilities.

Ride Control 
Improves boom control over rough terrain.

Cold Weather Package
For work in ambient temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the cold weather package for SkyTrak telehandlers includes a hydraulic tank heater, battery heater, breather heater and cold weather fluids, such as hydraulic oil and antifreeze. 

Reduce debris caused by tire rotation. 

Firestone Duraforce® MH Tires
Unique, self-cleaning tread design offers increased tread depth and increased flotation with less compaction, all while lowering the total cost of ownership because they are less susceptible to sidewall damage and last up to three times longer than standard telehandler tires.

Other accessory options available include:

  • Cab Covers
  • Cab Enclosure Kits – Vinyl and Hard
  • Hitches
  • Air Ride Seat
  • Rotating Beacon
  • 2nd Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Molded Floor Mat
  • Radio Ready Kit
  • Tilt Steering
  • Brick Guard
  • Air Conditioning
  • Secondary Steering
  • Boom Brushes
  • Wiper Package

Accessories to help service techs minimize downtime and keep equipment running at peak performance…

  • Chain Kits
  • Wear Pad Kits
  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing Kits
  • Fork Wear Calipers

How to Purchase These Accessories
When you’re ready to buy accessories for your JLG and SkyTrak telehandlers, call JLG’s Aftermarket team at 877-JLG-LIFT or find them on JLG’s Online Express, an easy-to-use online ordering and inventory system that’s open for business around-the-clock for convenient shopping. Searching for parts and accessories can be done quickly and simply by typing in an item’s serial number, description or part number via a mobile, tablet and desktop device. 

To start shopping for JLG & SkyTrak telehandler accessories on Online Express, click here

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