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Rely on the JLG Financial™ Customer Support Team for Much-Needed Help in Difficult Times

Blog Posts - Aug 22

Rely on the JLG Financial™ Customer Support Team for Much-Needed Help in Difficult Times

Chris Hexter
Marketing Communications
JLG Industries

The way businesses operate has significantly changed — what was once a standard practice for a company is most likely now outdated.

In the construction industry, for example, equipment dealers that once took pride in offering multiple, in-person touch points with their customers now heavily rely on virtual or contactless options to sell/rent equipment. Interacting with customers from a distance has become the “new normal.”
Rely on JLG Financial's Customer Support Team at a Glance

Even though the methods of working with customers have changed, one thing has not: Customer service is still paramount. 

Even more so for companies that are offering wholesale goods and services that help other businesses get back to work — like JLG Financial. For example, to help keep rental and retail companies up and running during uncertain times, JLG Financial continues to offer customizable financing programs to meet each customer’s specific business needs, including:

  • 100% financing for all makes and models, new or used
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Quick and easy credit approvals
  • Financing on purchases of $3,000 or more

Sitting down with the JLG Financial™ lending partner in Canada, CWB National Leasing, we discussed how important customer service and support is to provide customers with much-needed financing help in difficult times.


Build relationships

Every business is unique, especially in how a company navigates current challenges. “Local, regional and national restrictions and mandates can be extremely different,” says Christine Marion, CWB National Leasing's JLG Financial lead, “and they are constantly changing, being revised and updated to make adjustments for the current state of business. This means that there is no playbook for operating a company, and every industry goes at its own pace.”

Because of this, Marion says that it is important for service providers like JLG Financial to build strong personal relationships with their customers to work through difficult times. “This isn’t just knowing about the financial side of a business,” she says, “but it also includes understanding what kind of work it does or services it offers, what kind of equipment is needed, what its service area is, the ins and outs of the local markets and so on. 

“All of these elements are important to being able to serve a customer’s particular financing needs,” says Marion, “as well as to simplify the financing process.”


Open dialogue

Even before a customer starts the leasing process, Marion mentions that JLG Financial’s customer support team is available to help them, opening up dialogue to answer questions and provide a better understanding of how the financing will benefit their specific business needs. 

The JLG Financial team is always just a phone call or an email away. In Canada, customers can contact JLG Financial by calling 1-833-385-0264 or emailing retailcanada@jlg.com. In the U.S., customer customers can contact JLG Financial by calling 888-346-5543 or emailing retailfinance@jlg.com.

And, Marion says, JLG Financial’s customer support is willing to get out in the field to go on a site visit or do in-person one-on-one training. 

Marion adds, “Applying for and getting financing should be fast and easy. Our goal at JLG Financial is to be flexible. We want to help our customers get what they need when they need it.”


Offer 1:1 solutions

To help connect customers with available funds as soon as possible, JLG Financial offers a quick and easy 2-step application leasing process: 

Step 1) Apply for financing 
For JLG customers in Canada, complete this form. For customers in the U.S., complete this form.

Step 2) Talk to JLG Financial to get pre-approved
Once the application form is submitted, a dedicated account manager from JLG Financial is assigned to the customer and gets in contact to review the company’s details, discuss the finance options available and get the business pre-approved

Marion says, “We listen to each business’s situation so that we can tailor a payment plan manageable for the customer.” Financing allows customers to customize their payments to match the company’s cash flow. For example, she says, zero payments for 90 days or 0% interest for 24 months are two great options to consider

If those solutions aren’t the right fit for a business, customers can choose from one of these possible solutions:

  • Flexible buyout options
  • Step-up or step-down option
  • Fair market value
  • Seasonal payment periods

No matter which financing option is chosen, we can help to set up affordable payments that will keep more cash available for the business use,” she adds.



Be accessible

Once a business is pre-approved by JLG Financial, Marion says that the customer support team stays in constant contact with customers so that when they’re ready to make a purchase, they can move quickly.

“Our ‘office hours’ match our customers’ schedule,” says Marion. “We work to be accessible all day, every day, even ‘after’ hours because so many of our customers can’t talk during the day. They have businesses to run, and sometimes the only time they can talk is in the evenings — or on the weekends. That’s okay with us, we’re here for them whenever they need us.”

According to Marion, JLG Financial supports customers throughout the lifetime of their lease, including ongoing service after the sale. She also says that the team keeps in touch with JLG customers regularly, always asking what else they can do to help. 

JLG Financial’s customer support team is also always available to help customers manage their equipment leases day-to-day, by getting copies of invoices, finding out details on loan balances, explaining trade-in and buy-out options and so on. “Customers can communicate with us as much or as little as they want,” adds Marion. “We’ll reach out from time to time to check in, but they know that they can call in and chat with us anytime. They need to know that we’re here for them through challenging times.”

She finishes: “Great customer service requires a customer-first mentality to always exceed customer expectations. It’s something that can be difficult to achieve, but it builds personal relationships, trust and most importantly, repeat business.”

To learn more about how JLG Financial can help you with financing equipment purchases, click here.

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