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Guidance for Transferring to a Structure from the Platforms of JLG® MEWPs While Elevated

Blog Posts - May 21

Guidance for Transferring to a Structure from the Platforms of JLG® MEWPs While Elevated

Mark Vaughns
Director of Product Safety & Reliability
JLG Industries

JLG mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are designed to lift operators, tools, supplies and materials to access overhead job sites or work at height.

In the course of this type of work, it is sometimes necessary for MEWP operators to transfer from the equipment platform to an adjacent structure, in order to complete a specific task, while the machine is elevated.

While there is no specific regulation regarding transfers, OSHA has provided to JLG the below information as the guidelines for transferring to a structure from a MEWP platform while elevated: 

When transfer is necessary, enter/exit through the gate only with the platform within 1 ft of a safe and secure structure — 100% tie-off is also required in this situation utilizing two lanyards. One lanyard must be attached to the platform with the second lanyard attached to the structure. The lanyard connected to the platform must not be disconnected until such time as the transfer to the structure is safe and complete. 

Please note: JLG requires all owners, users, operators, lessors and lessees to be in compliance with all applicable regulations (employer, local, state, and national) pertaining to the utilization of its MEWPs. And, current MEWP owners, users and operators are responsible for the safe and proper utilization of the subject MEWP. JLG assumes no responsibility or liability for any and all incidents involving personal injury, property damage or equipment damage which may occur when transferring to a structure while elevated. 

More guidance on safety requirements for operation of JLG MEWPs is available here

Guidance for Transferring from a MEWP to a Structure at a Glance


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