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From the President: The Impact of ANSI

Blog Posts - Jan 21

From the President: The Impact of ANSI

Frank Nerenhausen
EVP and President
JLG Industries

Our philosophy to regulatory compliance, whether it's ANSI (American National Standards Institute) or others, is to do more than merely satisfy the requirements. Based on the numerous delays to the effective date of the recent ANSI updates, we had plenty of time to plan for, test and even evolve the equipment design changes required to meet the A92 suite of standards, including load and terrain sensing and indoor/outdoor restrictions.

This gave JLG the opportunity to confidently bring to market what we feel are industry leading modifications that add tangible value to our customers.

Impacts of ANSI blog at a Glance

In short, I’d say that because we approached the design changes noted above individually, with the user in mind and an eye towards improving productivity and safety, that customers have been eager to stock JLG A92-compliant units.  

As the new standards became imminent, our organizational focus shifted from equipment modifications to educating our customers and the industry about the new standards. We continue to do so today.

One question our sales team is frequently asked by rental companies regarding the new standards relates to training. “How do I get my customer (the end user) certified?”. This falls under A92.24 which covers MEWP training materials, defines how theoretical and practical training should be delivered and identifies required elements for proper training and familiarization.  

Specific changes under this section of the standard relative to rental companies requires that all training be delivered by a qualified person who is experienced with the classification of MEWP on which the training is being given. This qualified training provider must be knowledgeable about the laws, regulations, safe use practices, manufacturer’s requirements and recognition and avoidance of hazards as they relate to MEWPs.

While MEWP operator training remains mandatory under the new standard, it now extends beyond operators to include others who will come in contact with a MEWP on the job site, including: Supervisors and people who directly supervise MEWP operators and Occupants: People in the MEWP platform who are not considered operators.

As the industry leader, we feel it’s our obligation to continue to talk about and educate the industry on the impact of these new standards in all three areas: Machine design, Safe use and Training.

You can find more information about the JLG response to the ANSI standards here