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11 GIFs that Explain How JLG™ Mobile Control for Scissor Lifts Works

Blog Posts - Apr 20

11 GIFs that Explain How JLG™ Mobile Control for Scissor Lifts Works

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA

In this age of wireless connectivity, Bluetooth and—yes, we’ll say it—the Internet of Things (IoT), people do everything on their mobile devices. New technologies emerge every day that change the way we do the most basic human tasks, from buying Christmas presents to answering the front door.

That said, it’s no surprise these technologies are changing how people accomplish tasks at work. Advancements in data collection and connected systems have allowed humans to improve safety, increase security and boost productivity across many industries, and this is especially true of the construction industry.

In recent years, companies have developed solutions that leverage emerging technologies, from VR and AR to over-the-air software updates, to help employees work smarter. One such solution is JLG™ Mobile Control, which allows operators to use their existing mobile device to more efficiently move a stowed scissor lift.

So, if loading, unloading and maneuvering construction equipment at the job site currently feels like this:

gif of frustrated construction jobsite member from slow loading times

Keep reading to find out how technologies like Mobile Control can make it easier to move stowed scissor lifts.

What is JLG™ Mobile Control?

Mobile Control from JLG is a new technology that lets operators use their cellphone (iOS or Android), tablet or other mobile device to wirelessly control a stowed scissor lift. It helps them more efficiently maneuver through tight spaces or through areas of low clearance by eliminating the need to be in the platform or tethered to the machine to drive it.

So, when there’s too much to do and operators feel buried under work:

gif showing JLG mobile control being used to move scissor lift efficiently in inclement weather

Moving machines will be one less thing to worry about.

Challenges for Distributors and Contractors

So, how is Mobile Control going to help rental companies and contractors in their day-to-day work? Here are a few scenarios where this technology will make a difference.

Sometimes there’s so much equipment to load onto a trailer for delivery that it’s hard to know where to start. Tethering or climbing into each machine individually can seem like an endless task, but with traditional methods of moving a scissor, someone has to do it.

gif of reluctant workers that have to move a large fleet of scissor lifts manually

Other times, the tether presents its own set of challenges. Not only do operators need to make sure it’s properly attached to the machine, but the length of the tether can be limiting.

gif of 2 jobsite workers: one has a scissor lift with a tether, one has a wireless app to move the scissor lift

And then there’s the time factor. Loading equipment safely and efficiently takes time. But sometimes, operators spend just as much time climbing in and out of the platform of the scissor lifts as they do actually loading them.

gif of worker growing a beard and aging because of the wasted time from manually loading scissor lifts

Speaking of getting in and out of the platform—dealing with overhead obstacles can be a pain, especially in narrow hallways where there’s not much room to maneuver a scissor lift to begin with. Low ceilings also present challenges for operators in the platform.

worker who is not using mobile control sees man steering a scissor lift wirelessly and is surprised

Benefits of Wireless Scissor Lift Operation

As our engineers considered these challenges, they developed JLGMobile Control—a remote control solution that allows operators to drive a stowed scissor from outside the platform, without tethering to the machine.

Mobile Control lets an operator use their existing mobile device, so once a scissor lift is equipped with the Bluetooth-enabled technology, they simply scan a QR code on the machine to get started.

boss hands skeleton a phone with the JLG mobile control app to make his life easier and bring him back to life


From there, operators can control an equipped electric scissor lift from a distance, which allows for better visibility of possible obstructions while maintaining a safe distance from the machine.

man using the mobile control app to control the scissor lift from up to 40 feet away

It also helps operators save time when they need to load machines onto trucks at the end of the workday. Instead of climbing in and out of the platform, they can maneuver scissor lifts from the ground, at a distance from the truck and the machine being loaded.

worker saving loads of time using the mobile control app to load scissor lifts versus a tethered scissor lift

And of course, without the need to be in the platform or tethered to the machine, operators can more easily position a scissor into tight spots or navigate through areas of low clearance.

mobile control allows you to steer the scissor lift without being in it which can help avoid obstacles when steering inside the scissor lift

How to Use Mobile Control

Once a machine is equipped with JLG™ Mobile Control hardware, using it is simple. Operators simply need to:

  1. Download the JLG™ Mobile Control app for their iOS or Android device
  2. Open the application and scan the QR code on their model to connect to the scissor
  3. Use the app to drive and steer the stowed scissor lift

For a visual reference of these steps, download our quick start infographic.

Download Mobile Control Infographic

Availability of the Mobile Control App

JLG™ Mobile Control is available for all new R Series scissor lifts and as an aftermarket option for existing R Series models. It will phase into production for ES Series scissors throughout 2020.

So, when companies need a way to drive stowed scissor lifts that makes operators feel like this:

construction worker who saved time using JLGs mobile control app gives thumbs up with app image showing

They can equip their machines with Mobile Control and download the app for iPhone or Android.

Watch All the Mobile Control Videos

If you loved the GIFs in this article, then check out each short video in the Mobile Control playlist. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube page for more technology-focused content in the future.


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