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Training Schedule

With proper training, you can walk onto the job site knowing you have the right credentials. We provide service, safety and operator training, along with a Train-the-Trainer option that prepares you to train your own employees. These courses are designed to promote confidence and productivity while minimizing downtime. Browse our class list and register today at JLG University.

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Training Course Availability

Our courses are offered in several formats, including traditional classroom settings, self-paced e-learning and instructor-led online classes. And they’re available across the U.S. Reserve your seat before they fill up.

Engine Powered Boom Lift Service

Class ID Date Location
BL215-1-21 January 12-14 Houston, TX
BL215-2-21 January 19-21 Houston, TX
BL215-3-21 January 26-28 Houston, TX
BL215-4-21 February 2-4 Houston, TX
BL215-5-21 February 9-11  McConnellsburg, PA
BL215-6-21 April 13-15 McConnellsburg, PA
BL215-7-21 May 18-20 McConnellsburg, PA
BL215-8-21 June 15-17 McConnellsburg, PA
BL215-9-21 July 6-8 Houston, TX
BL215-10-21 July 13-15 Houston, TX
BL215-11-21 July 20-22 Houston, TX
BL215-12-21 July 27-29 Houston, TX
BL215-13-21 September 21-23 McConnellsburg, PA
BL215-14-21 November 2-4 McConnellsburg, PA

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ES and R Scissors Service

Class ID Date Location
SL202-1-21 March 16-17 McConnellsburg, PA
SL217-1-21 March 17-18 McConnellsburg, PA
SL201-2-21 June 22-23 Houston, TX
SL217-2-21 June 23-24 Houston, TX
SL202-3-21 August 31-September 1 McConnellsburg, PA
SL217-3-21 September 1-2 McConnellsburg, PA
SL202-4-21 November 30-December 1 Houston, TX
SL217-4-21 December 1-2 Houston, TX
SL202-5-21 December 7-8 Houston, TX
SL217-5-21 December 8-9 Houston, TX

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Electric Powered Boom Lift Service

Class ID Date Location
BL209-1-21 February 2-4 McConnellsburg, PA
BL209-2-21 February 16-18 Houston, TX
BL209-3-21 February 23-25 Houston, TX
BL209-4-21 March 2-4 Houston, TX
BL209-5-21 March 9-11 Houston, TX
BL209-6-21 April 6-8 McConnellsburg, PA
BL209-7-21 June 22-24 McConnellsburg, PA
BL209-8-21 August 10-12 Houston, TX
BL209-9-21 August 17-19 Houston, TX
BL209-10-21 August 24-26 Houston, TX
BL209-11-21 August 21-September 2 Houston, TX
BL209-12-21 September 14-16 McConnellsburg, PA
BL209-13-21 November 9-11 McConnellsburg, PA

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Ultra-Boom Service Training 1200SJP, 1350SJP, 1250AJP

Class ID Date Location
UB204-1-21 April 20-22 McConnellsburg, PA
UB204-2-21 August 17-19 McConnellsburg, PA

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1850SJ Service

Class ID Date Location
UB206-1-21 May 11-13 McConnellsburg, PA
UB206-2-21 October 19-21 McConnellsburg, PA

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1500SJ Service

Class ID Date Location
UB205-1-21 June 20-July 1 McConnellsburg, PA

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1500AJ Service

Class ID Date Location
UB207-1-21 July 27-29 McConnellsburg, PA

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Compact Crawler Boom Service

Class ID Date Location
 The BL236 class covers the X370AJ, X430AJ and X770AJ
BL236-1-21 February 2-4 McConnellsburg, PA
BL236-2-21 August 24-26 McConnellsburg, PA
 The BL235 class covers the X1000AJ
BL237-1-21 March 16-18 McConnellsburg, PA

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JLG Telehandler Service

(Covers the 642, 943, 1043, 1055, 1255)

Class ID Date Location
TL221-1-21 February 16-18 McConnellsburg, PA
TL221-2-21 May 4-6 Houston, TX
TL221-3-21 May 11-13 Houston, TX
TL221-4-21 May 18-20 Houston, TX
TL221-5-21 May 25-27 Houston, TX
TL221-6-21 August 3-5 McConnellsburg, PA
TL221-7-21  October 12-14 McConnellsburg, PA
TL221-8-21  October 19-21 Houston, TX
TL221-9-21  October 26-28 Houston, TX
TL221-10-21  October 26-28 McConnellsburg, PA
TL221-11-21  November 2-4 Houston, TX
TL221-12-21  November 9-11 Houston, TX

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SkyTrak Telehandler Service

Class ID Date Location
TL215-1-21 February 23-25 McConnellsburg, PA
TL215-2-21 March 29-31 Houston, TX
TL215-3-21  April 6-8 Houston, TX
TL215-4-21  April 13-15 Houston, TX
TL215-5-21  April 20-22  Houston, TX
TL215-6-21  July 20-22 McConnellsburg, PA
TL215-7-21  September 14-16 Houston, TX
TL215-8-21  September 21-23 Houston, TX
TL215-9-21  September 28-30  Houston, TX
TL215-10-21  October 5-7 Houston, TX
TL215-11-21  October 5-7  McConnellsburg, PA

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JLG 1075 Telehandler Service

Class ID Date Location
TL220-1-21 February 9-11 McConnellsburg, PA
TL220-2-21  May 25-27 McConnellsburg, PA
TL220-3-21 August 10-12 McConnellsburg, PA

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JLG High Capacity Telehandler Service

(Covers the 1644 and 1732)

Class ID Date Location
TF207-1-21 May 4-6 McConnellsburg, PA

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Technician Training: Electrical Fundamentals

Class ID Date Location
TF223-1-21 March 1-4 McConnellsburg, PA
TF223-2-21  June 22-23  McConnellsburg, PA
TF223-3-21  September 21-24 McConnellsburg, PA

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Technician Training: Hydraulic Fundamentals

Class ID Date Location
TF202-1-21 March 8-1 McConnellsburg, PA
TF202-2-21 July 13-16 McConnellsburg, PA
TF202-3-21  September 28 -October1  McConnellsburg, PA

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Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) and Telehandlers Train-The-Trainer BLENDED Course

Class ID Course Type  Online Session Dates  Classroom Session Dates
      McConnellsburg PA ONLY
TT301-1-21 Blended Course March 8-April 2 April 6-8
TT301-2-21  Blended Course March 22-April 16 April 20-22 
TT301-3-21  Blended Course  April 12-May 7  May 11-13
TT301-4-21  Blended Course April 26-May 21 May 25-27
TT301-5-21  Blended Course May 24-June 18 June 22-24
TT301-6-21  Blended Course May 31-June 25 June 29-July 1
TT301-7-21  Blended Course July 5-30 August 3-5
TT301-8-21  Blended Course August 2-27  August 21-September 2

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Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) and Telehandlers Train-The-Trainer CLASSROOM ONLY

Class ID Date Location
TT301C-1-21 April 12-15 McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-2-21 May 3-6 McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-3-21 May 17-20 McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-4-21 June 14-17 McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-5-21 July 12-15 McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-6-21 July 26-29 McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-7-21  August 16-19  McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-8-21  August 23-26 McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-9-21  September 13-16  McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-10-21  October 4-7  McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-11-21  October 18-21 McConnellsburg, PA
TT301C-12-21  November 1-4  McConnellsburg, PA

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Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Train-The-Trainer CLASSROOM ONLY;

Class ID Date Location
TT311-1-21 March 22-24 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-2-21 March 24-26 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-3-21 March 29-31  McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-4-21 April 26-28 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-5-21 April 28-30 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-6-21 June 7-9 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-7-21 June 9-11 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-8-21 July 19-21 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-9-21 July 21-23  McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-10-21  August 9-11  McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-11-21  August 11-13  McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-12-21  September 21-23 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-13-21  October 11-13 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-14-21  October 13-15 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-15-21  October 26-28 McConnellsburg, PA
TT311-16-21  November 9-11 McConnellsburg, PA

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Meet ANSI A92.24 training requirements with our new supervisor training course.

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