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JLG® Mobile Analyzer

Equipment Diagnostics Tool that Offers Remote Access

Introducing the JLG® Mobile Analyzer, a diagnostics tool designed to give technicians remote access to program, troubleshoot, calibrate, or customize JLG equipment performance.

The JLG Mobile Analyzer, available in multiple languages, is a Wi-Fi enabled evolution of the
JLG Analyzer Kit.

Download the free JLG Mobile Analyzer App through Apple iTunes® and Google Play™

How it Works

Users download the free JLG Mobile Analyzer App to a mobile phone or tablet.

The app syncs with the JLG Mobile Wireless Access Module, which can be ordered through Online Express or a JLG representative.

The wireless module plugs into a port on a JLG machine, and the app receives and displays a detailed diagnostic read-out from up to 150 ft away. The JLG Mobile Analyzer is ideal for use in inclement weather, enabling technicians to work from a truck or under protective cover.


  • Allows for an extended operator range of up to 150 ft
  • Compatible with Apple iOS 5.0 and up, plus Android API 8 and up
  • Available in multiple languages, with additional languages added in a future update
  • Works with JLG products that are equipped with Advanced Design Electronics (ADE)
  • The JLG Wireless Access Module is interchangeable between machines
    (Note: it can only be connected to one mobile device at a time)
  • Displays full description read-outs instead of scrolling text
  • Analyzer training is included as part of all JLG factory training