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New JLG RT and ERT Scissor Lifts Now Available

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


McConnellsburg, Pa. July 13, 2021 — JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company [NYSE:OSK] and leading global manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and telehandlers, now offers its new generation of rough-terrain (RT) and electric rough-terrain (ERT) scissor lifts in 40-ft and 47-ft models. The new 4069 and 4769 RT/ERT scissor lifts feature class-leading platform size and an 800-lb capacity to carry more to height, as well as full drive at height capability. The tallest machines in their class, the RT4769 and ERT4769 provide users with access to five-story heights — an industry first.


Platform Enhancements

The platforms on the new JLG RT and ERT models are designed to get users closer to the work area while allowing them to bring more people, tools and material to height. These models offer class-leading capacities, delivering 28% more working area and a zero-platform offset. This feature minimizes the distance users have to reach to access work on buildings or other structures.


Drive At Height Capabilities

The new rough terrain units can be driven fully elevated, both indoors and out, for greater productivity and efficiency. This allows these lifts to operate along the length of a building at a fixed height, resulting in fewer trips up and down throughout the day. The RT models are available in both 2WD and 4WD configurations, while the ERT models are available in 2WD.


Platform Controls
The new platform control box with LCD display on these lifts incorporates new technology that focuses on integrating data that allows operators to better understand the machine’s performance and capabilities. For example, it is able to provide users a multitude of productivity, terrain, machine health and safety notifications during use.


It also includes JLG’s exclusive LiftSense™ technology, an evolution of variable tilt, which shows the users the maximum height they can achieve, before they elevate, based on side-to-side and front-to-back tilt and weight in the platform.


Standard Features

Like the new 2669 and 3369 RT/ERT models introduced in late 2020, the new 4069 and 4769 RT/ERT scissor lifts come in either diesel/dual fuel engine models with hydrostatic drive (RT) or battery-powered, AC electric drive models (ERT). The ERT models feature regenerative braking, which actively recharges the batteries during machine use.


All JLG RT and ERT models come with rails that fold with ease. They can also be collapsed in three minutes or less, to allow operators to maneuver the machine in and through tight spaces.


And, all of these new rough terrain scissor lifts are ANSI A92.20/CSA B354 compliant, featuring a load sensing system that can be calibrated without weight.


Options and Accessories
Along with industry-leading standard features, these new JLG rough terrain scissor lifts are available with a variety of options and accessories, like pipe racks and leveling jacks, to make the work day more productive.


CleanGuard™, a leak containment system that protects sensitive flooring by safeguarding the risk of leaks, is an environmentally friendly option available on ERT models that gives users the confidence to work in more places.


QuikLevel Advanced is an available option on the RT models, allowing operators to automatically level the stowed scissor lift on side slopes up to 4.5 degrees and then elevate and drive at full height under certain conditions. This feature is especially beneficial when performing work at height along the outside length of a building that has been graded for drainage at a consistent slope.


For a list of JLG RT scissor lift models, visit https://www.jlg.com/en/equipment/scissor-lifts/engine-powered-rough-terrain/rt-series.


For a list of JLG ERT scissor lift models, visit https://www.jlg.com/en/equipment/scissor-lifts/electric/ert-series.

To learn more about the new generation of JLG RT and ERT scissor lifts, visit https://www.jlg.com/en/destination/new-rough-terrain-scissors or watch the detailed walkaround video on YouTube.


For more information about other JLG products and services, visit www.jlg.com.