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400S and 450AJ Offer Longer Life and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

JLG 450AJ Boom We routinely hear from rental customers about the cost of maintaining their assets — especially highly utilized products like the 400S telescoping boom lift and 450AJ articulating telescopic boom lift.

Frequent service calls, rising fuel costs and replacing worn or broken parts — these operating costs add up. In looking at ways to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of these machines, we took a closer look at what matters most to rental customers: energy efficiency, serviceability and durability. The result? Redesigned boom lifts with time- and money-saving features.

400S and 450AJ upgrades
After having some in-depth interviews and discussions with our rental customers, we used their feedback to help redesign our 400S and 450AJ boom lifts. New and expanded features in these boom lifts, like a redesigned hydraulic system, top-of-the-line components and improved overall serviceability, help reduce maintenance costs for owners and fuel cost for end users.

Greater capacity for greater efficiency
Unrestricted platform capacity increased to 600 lb, on the 400S and 550 lb. on the 450AJ, while the restricted platform capacity on the 400S can accommodate up to 1,000 lb. This expanded platform capacity allows operators to carry more materials, reducing the number of up and down cycles and contributing to improved efficiency for the end user, in addition to less wear and reduced cost of ownership.

High-quality parts make a difference
400S and 450AJ owners make fewer service calls for valve and hose leaks, thanks to a newer, streamlined hose routing system with fewer hydraulic hoses. The machines also now feature Zero-Leak Gold® plugs, which have proven to significantly reduce leaks in valve blocks over other plugs. Both boom lifts have an improved cast axle and a spindle design with tapered kingpins to strengthen the joint between the spindle and axle — this doubles the life of this high-stress area. DuraTough hoods offer more heat and impact resistance than previous hood materials, while still offering a modern, streamlined appearance.

Faster troubleshooting
An onboard multifunction digital indicator (MDI) gauge and interactive ground display provide hours on the machine, battery charge, fuel level and diagnostic fault codes. Not available on previous models, these additions to both machines feature energy-efficient LED lights, provide operators and technicians with both an English text display and fault codes and reduce the need for a handheld analyzer, saving valuable time troubleshooting and diagnosing an issue with a machine. In some cases, it even eliminates the need for a service call, equipping on-site technicians to identify and solve a problem without waiting for a service technician to arrive.

Fewer RPMs means less wear on the engine and more fuel savings
Rental owners will appreciate the savings that come from an improved hydraulic system and a new fully variable, on-demand engine RPM. This addition to the 400S and 450AJ results in more efficient engine operation with significantly fewer RPMs—up to 30 million fewer engine revolutions over the life of the machine. This means less wear on bearings, pistons, rings and pumps, plus increased fuel efficiency and an estimated $500 annual savings on fuel for the end user.

By bolstering the durability and serviceability of the 400S and 450AJ, these machines now have a longer life cycle – and rental owners appreciate the increased savings that come from better fuel efficiency and reliability.


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