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Quad Tracks

Not all job sites are created equal and each may pose their own challenges and requirements, including the decision of a tracked or wheeled boom lift. Quad tracks, now available from JLG, provide the benefit of both continuous tracks and wheels, giving the operator excellent floatation, minimal rutting at job sites, improved traction, superior comfort over obstacles, and best of all no “break over” effect.

Quad tracks are now available for 600S and 660SJ models and feature:

  • Four triangular rubber-track systems that bolt directly to the standard wheel hubs
    • Each system measures 34-in height, 54-in length, 18-in width
  • Ability to be swapped for regular tires as needed, or used on other applicable models
  • Increased machine utilization and fleet flexibility with quad tracks to handle a variety of job site applications
    • Sand, mud, gravel, grass, paved streets with curbs, potholes, and sharp transitions

Note: Available with new machine orders and through aftermarket.  Requires machine with 2 Wheel Steering. Cannot be outfitted on HC3 models or machines with 4 Wheel Steering or Tow Bar Package. Additional model applicability coming soon.

Download the flyer for complete details.

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Quad Tracks