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From Connectivity to Interactivity: ClearSky Smart Fleet™ Gets Fleets Talking

Blog Posts - Apr 24

From Connectivity to Interactivity: ClearSky Smart Fleet™ Gets Fleets Talking

Ara Eckel
Director, Product Management, Connected Solutions
JLG Industries

If you followed JLG news last summer, you may have seen the introduction of the JLG® ClearSky Smart Fleet™ — a next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) platform. ClearSky Smart Fleet is built by JLG, exclusively for JLG customers. More than just a telematics system, this new platform turns yesterday’s one-way data transmission into two-way communication that gets equipment fleets talking like never before.

ClearSky Smart Fleet™ Gets Fleets Talking at a glance

JLG is taking a controlling stake in its digital and connected future, providing more value for JLG equipment and products to customers and end users.

Let me explain…

Today’s telematics systems offer communication mainly from the machine to the cloud. What this means is that the machine captures and sends data to the web-based portal or via an API data feed to the customers’ proprietary system. It does not support sending information from the cloud to the machine.

Now, imagine performing diagnostics wirelessly with built-in analyzer functionality, identifying a machine’s fuel or battery level, or receiving a visual indication of the machine’s real-time status in moments, all at your thumb’s reach. It’s all possible.

That’s because ClearSky Smart Fleet is more than just a telematics system. It’s IoT with true two-way communication, allowing for continued collection of data from the machine, while introducing the ability to push data to the machine. This enables the system to offer a wider range of functionality and deliver greater value to our customers and end users.

Here’s how…

It all starts with a single beacon, now standard on most new JLG equipment, which houses as many as 25 unique features — such as analyzers, telematics and productivity apps — all working in concert to evolve connectivity into interactivity.

Furthermore, we developed technology that bridges the gap between the beacon and where people are working, whether at the office or on the job site. The state-of-the-art beacon enables seamless back-and-forth interaction from a ClearSky Smart Fleet-equipped machine to equipment owners, machine operators and fleet managers.

This can all be done through the comprehensive ClearSky Smart Fleet mobile app, a user-friendly web portal or an advanced API.

The ClearSky Smart Fleet mobile app enables users to perform wireless diagnostics on any equipped JLG machine with innovative features and functionality that can transform the way work is done, even when cellular data and Wi-Fi are not available. Features like Find My Machine (which uses geolocation), along with audible and visual cues from the machine, make locating equipment effortless.

Digitize daily processes, simplify equipment tracking and receive robust, real-time information through the ClearSky Smart Fleet web dashboard.  Through multiple navigation options, such as in-depth filters and countless opportunities for customization, the web dashboard gives users immediate visibility on the health and performance data needed to maximize a fleet’s uptime and ROI. New features with ClearSky Smart Fleet include the ability to:

  • Generate reports in PDF or Excel spreadsheet formats on a custom-created schedule.
  • Access serial number-specific data such as interactive schematics, knowledge articles, manuals and parts information in seconds.
  • Receive notifications when a machine arrives /leaves a job site via the Site Network feature. Site Networks act like automated geofences: When two or more machines are within range of a local connection, a Site Network is formed automatically; thus, simplifying equipment tracking and reporting.

Better yet, all of this can be accomplished from one place. Due to ClearSky Smart Fleet’s integration into JLG’s Online Express, users can manage their fleets, troubleshoot, order parts and so much more (everything needed to keep a fleet in top shape) with a single login.

Finally, for those that have an in-house telematics system, ClearSky Smart Fleet offers an integrated, enhanced data feed through an enhanced API that can combine actionable, JLG-rich data into any owned solution — allowing the ability to manage an entire mixed fleet from a single screen.

Think about it…

Access to machine data anytime. From anywhere you work. That’s the power of ClearSky Smart Fleet.

Want to learn more about ClearSky Smart Fleet? More details are available at smartfleet.JLG.com. For the most up-to-date information, click here.

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