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Accessories and Add-Ons to Support Steel Erection

Articles - Apr 24

Accessories and Add-Ons to Support Steel Erection

Ed Padilla
District Sales Manager

Every day, iron and steel workers face real danger to construct and repair buildings and bridges. Steel erection is one of the top 10 most hazardous occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, 60,000-plus individuals are employed as structural iron and steel workers in the U.S., facing the demands of completing highly skilled work at heights, while maximizing productivity.

JLG accessories for steel erection at a glance

JLG Industries offers the equipment to support steel erection: a full line of telescopic boom lifts, including its Ultra Series Telescopic Boom Lifts, featuring an ultra-strong, 100,000 PSI steel boom, providing the confidence and support to handle 1,000-lb of capacity—accommodating users and their equipment—as well as articulating booms to help navigate tight spaces.

But did you know JLG also has accessories to bolster steel erection, helping to keep workers safe—and extremely productive—on the job site? Here are JLG’s top suggestions for specialized work.


Solutions for work above or outside the platform

For projects that require access to tight spaces at height, the JLG  can help operators obtain height in a safer manner. This accessory is a step that attaches to the platform mid-rail and allows an iron worker to gain 19.5-in off the floor of a lift platform and thread a machine between joists.

When projects require a worker to exit the platform, JLG's Bolt-On External Fall Arrest System utilizes a cable that allows an operator to leave the platform and move freely without detaching the safety harness, so he or she is constantly tethered to the platform. This is especially helpful for iron workers, who are often first on a job site and have few options to tie off.


Promoting protection with visibility

For protection from caught-in, or caught-between, injuries without losing visibility, choose SkyGuard™ SkySense™. SkyGuard provides the operator and control panel with enhanced protection. When the sensor is activated by 50-lb of force or more, SkyGuard stops all functions in use, and temporarily reverses most functions. An evolution of JLG’s original SkyGuard technology, SkySense, is an enhanced detection system from JLG that uses strategically placed object detection sensors to provide operators an added level of awareness of their immediate surroundings as they elevate and/or drive. When a machine is in use, the sensors establish warning zones and stop distances in the machine’s direction of motion, increasing protection of people and property

Fabric Mesh Platform Kits provide extra support keeping tools inside the boom platform. The easy-to-attach, lightweight mesh provides operators with a clear view of the work area and permits air flow through the basket.


Your helpers at height

When you need power for specialized tasks, but don’t want dangerous leads hanging over the machine rails, JLG’s SkyPower® and SkyWelder® can help. Leads hanging over the rails can lead to damaged wires; tangles, pulls or snags; and trip hazards. This is virtually eliminated with SkyPower and SkyWelder.

  • The JLG SkyPower system delivers the power needed to conveniently operate JLG accessories like SkyWelder. With the SkyPower system, you get a 7500W generator with a power cable to the machine platform, which offers flexibility for your needs at height. The system saves time and money by reducing fuel costs and removing the need to move and reposition a generator.
  • SkyWelder eliminates the need for a stand-alone welder and power supply. Built with a 280-amp Miller® CSTTM 280 welder with a platform-mounted amperage adjustment, SkyWelder provides power to accommodate stick and TIG welding applications. Flux core wire feed capability is available.
  • JLG also offers a control box console cover and fire-retardant hose sleeves to protect the controls and hosing from welding slag.

To reduce operator fatigue and support productivity, try a platform floor mat, which provides padded flooring on top of the metal platform. Installation does not require modification to the existing platform floor. Mats are weather-resistant, holding up to tough environmental conditions, however they should not be used for hot work like welding or burning.

For steel and iron workers, JLG boom lifts are just the start. Add-ons and accessories can help increase worker productivity, provide specialized support, enhance access, reduce fatigue, and keep people and equipment where they need to be.

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