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Equipping you for success: The JLG beyond-industry-standard testing process

Blog Posts - Feb 24

Equipping you for success: The JLG beyond-industry-standard testing process

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA

JLG equipment goes through rigorous research, development and testing to ensure it is ready for use at your job site. And it doesn’t stop there. For JLG, product development and testing never ends. That way, we know that JLG access equipment is ready for every challenge, every time—and continues to be ready throughout its lifetime.

JLG has three U.S. facilities where equipment is engineered and tested to ensure it’s ready to support users’ toughest challenges.

  • McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Orrville, Ohio
  • Greencastle, Pennsylvania

Each of these facilities plays a unique role in ensuring JLG develops cutting-edge products that do far more than what’s expected, while keeping people safe.

Here’s a snapshot of the U.S. facilities working tirelessly to ensure JLG equipment is ready for even the most demanding job sites.


McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania

JLG’s McConnellsburg facility is its headquarters and a test and development center for all large JLG products, including telehandlers, boom lifts, scissor lifts, vertical lifts and compact crawler booms. The work performed in McConnellsburg helps ensure JLG equipment maximizes productivity and performs consistently from one project to the next.

The McConnellsburg facility conducts strain gauge testing to measure impact of forces like pressure, heat or material changes on equipment or components; static and dynamic stability testing to maximize operator safety and meet ANSI and CSA standards; and pressure profile testing to ensure the strength and integrity of hydraulic systems. The facility also performs automated cycle testing, engine application approval testing, dimensions testing, electric machine testing and performance testing.

Test and development and manufacturing teams work together in McConnellsburg to strengthen and enhance product development—a continuous process for JLG. Even after prototype testing, the test and development team supports customer service, parts shortages, market standard updates, engine changes, application approval for new components and software development.


Orrville, Ohio

Utilized 24 hours a day, seven days a week, JLG’s Orrville, Ohio facility is 28 acres of buildings and grounds, including a load placement tower, tracks, gravel, sand, mud pits and concrete. Machine performance, structures, software tuning, stability and durability testing take place in Orrville.


To ensure maximum effectiveness, the facility is loaded with real-world conditions: potholes, cross ties, rough terrain and grades. Here, JLG ensures equipment like telehandlers, boom lifts, scissor lifts and vertical lifts can handle the rigors of a job site—and then some. An environmental chamber ensures machines can perform at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and withstand water, freezing rain and thermal shock to support users who work through even the most challenging conditions.


Greencastle, Pennsylvania

With the most robust testing staff of any JLG facility, the company’s Greencastle, Pennsylvania location hosts prototype fabrication for aerial work platforms, low-level access equipment and telehandlers; product fabrication for many JLG products; telehandler production; and tooling design and development.

JLG’s Greencastle facility boasts a fully equipped machine shop, including a manual lathes and mills, vertical CNC mills and large horizontal boring mills; three unique cutting capabilities, including high-powered lasers for tight tolerance on parts; bending capabilities up to 250 tons; high-precision modular tooling tables; and the capability to produce prototype tooling or repeatable, production-level tooling to support the manufacturing of JLG equipment. The location includes a plate shop, weld shop, hydraulic hose making and assembly capabilities.


All locations

For JLG, testing and development is a rigorous, continuous and ever-evolving process.

JLG’s ClearSky Smart Fleet™, the industry’s first two-way data transmission system, supports JLG’s equipment testing and new product development across the board. ClearSky Smart Fleet’s rich data monitoring provides JLG engineers a better understanding of customer utilization and a highly accurate source of benchmarking for testing and development plans.

If your access equipment is not tested for performance, stress analysis, stability, durability, hydraulic tuning, engine, regulatory compliance, noise, load, automated cycles, software and more—before it goes to market—it’s not ready to meet your demands.

JLG’s testing facilities are proof that we are relentless in delivering equipment capable of doing far more than what users expect.

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