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Tips for Operating JLG Equipment in Cold Conditions

Blog Posts - Jan 24

Tips for Operating JLG Equipment in Cold Conditions

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA

Winter weather doesn’t have to put a stop to construction work. While the season comes with its challenges, like cold temperatures and snow, advanced preparation can help you work through those challenges to get the job done.

Below are some tips for working with MEWPs and telehandlers in cold weather.

Cold weather tips for JLG equipment at a glance

Prepare for cold temperatures and precipitation
Regardless of what type of lift equipment you use, winter can take its toll. Prepare for cold and wet conditions using the following checklist.

  • Confirm your equipment is up to date on maintenance and repairs.
  • Use the appropriate engine and hydraulic oils at all times based on ambient temperatures. Please reference the appropriate Operation and Safety Manual for specifications. 
  • Apply dielectric grease to exposed electric components and cannon plugs to seal out moisture and prevent corrosion where needed. 
  • Ensure that the battery and battery connections are secure and corrosion free. 
  • To keep batteries at peak winter performance, charge overnight and fill lead acid batteries with distilled water. If possible, charge batteries for electric scissor lifts and smaller boom lifts indoors to ensure maximum efficiency.

Maximize performance with cold weather packages
JLG® mobile elevating work platforms are designed for operation in nominal ambient temperatures of 0° F to 104° F (-20° C to 40° C). Keep your equipment in good operating condition and extend life expectancy by utilizing optional JLG cold weather kits. This is especially important if you work in ambient temperatures colder than 0° F (-20° C). 

Cold weather kits help control the temperature of key operating components during winter months, maximizing performance and efficiency to ambient temperatures of -20° F (or -30° C). These kits, which include a battery heater, a hydraulic tank heater and an engine breather heater, provide protection against hard starts, slow hydraulic performance and engine malfunctions. 

Utilization of machines below 0° F (-20° C), even with a cold weather kit, is at the discretion of the owner/operator, given the condition and capability (including engine oil specifications and hydraulic fluid specifications) of the equipment.

Remember, even with cold weather packages, machines have their limits. Never utilize JLG mobile elevating work platforms in temperatures below -40° F (-40° C).

Keep operators comfortable
Telehandler operators can stay comfortable with the help of a cab enclosure kit and a climate control kit. These kits are factory approved and specifically designed to upgrade an open telehandler cab. Features include a glass windshield and skylight that offer quick installation, plus a heater option.
An important note for those who use cab enclosure kits in cold weather: ensure your visibility remains unobstructed by clearing windows and mirrors before operating equipment.

Is your access equipment in need of service or inspection? Locate a JLG service center or authorized service provider near you.

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