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JLG Productivity Solutions: 2023 Year in Review

Blog Posts - Dec 23

JLG Productivity Solutions: 2023 Year in Review

Craig Edwards
VP, National Accounts
JLG Industries

Increasing productivity on the job site is a multi-layered task.

Construction teams are being asked to do more with less, in tighter spaces, under stringent time and budget demands, and all while adhering to safety standards. While more productivity solutions are available every day, it is critical for users to  understand which new solutions are best for their project—and how those offerings will help. 

JLG Productivity Solutions - 2023 in review at a glance

What JLG® access solutions drove productivity in 2023?
A focus on safety and performance enhancement has propelled decades of innovation, impacting our day-to-day experiences. These innovations include proximity sensors and backup cameras for our cars and smart security systems for our homes. They also include self-leveling technology, maneuverability enhancements, mobile controls, advanced indicators, and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms in professional access equipment, from boom and scissor lifts to telehandlers.

Boom and scissor lift solutions
Newer technological enhancements in JLG boom and scissor lifts can increase productivity on rough-terrain job sites and sloped indoor spaces. Unique advancements like variable tilt and QuikLevel Advanced technology enhance operation at height while on slopes. Variable tilt utilizes sensors that measure the slope of slab scissor lifts (up to 3°) and the load in the platform to control maximum operational height. QuikLevel Advanced is an optional feature which helps equipped scissor lifts level on side slopes of up to 4.5° and allows the operator to drive while fully elevated on constant terrain. Similarly, the JLG 670SJ Self-Leveling Boom Lift cuts down on prep time by reducing the need for cribbing or grading the site. It also allows users to work on slopes up to 10° and drive at height with full functionality.

JLG’s electric solutions can also support job site efficiency. The latest introduction to JLG’s line of scissor lifts, the DaVinci® AE1932 All-Electric Scissor Lift, offers a single lithium-ion battery that lasts the life of the machine, which means almost no maintenance is required. It also offers faster charging: five minutes provides a 100-foot drive with torque for loading. 


Telehandler solutions
JLG’s three new rotating telehandlers—the R1370, R1385, and R11100—address productivity through greater maneuverability with 360-degree rotation, so operators can reach several places on the site without the need to stop, drive and maneuver the machine like with a conventional telehandler. They also offer tools like Load Management Information Systems and Load Stability Indicators to keep machines running safely, without risk of overload.


IoT platforms

Telematics platforms have contributed some of the most significant enhancements to productivity. Earlier this year, JLG announced the launch of ClearSky Smart Fleet™, a next-generation IoT platform that evolves one-way connectivity into true, two-way fleet management and machine interactivity.  This breakthrough technology launches with 25 unique features, including analyzers, telematics, and productivity applications, into a single connectivity beacon on JLG machines for seamless back-and-forth interaction through a comprehensive ClearSky mobile app, a user-friendly web portal or an advanced API. Equipment owners and operators can send a prompt to the beacon to identify a machine’s status or perform diagnostics wirelessly through the mobile app.


What challenges impact the use of new productivity solutions?

As with any technology, productivity solutions are only as good as their support systems. Recognizing and overcoming challenges associated with these solutions is key to their implementation and use.


Training and education:

  • JLG is working to help bridge potential knowledge gaps through easy-to-access training. This includes its refreshed JLG University platform, which promotes user confidence and compliance through industry-leading training programs.

Rental offering limitations:

  • While innovative technologies and safety controls are being added to new machines, only approximately 12% of rental fleets are updated each year. Because of this, users may not have access to updated products or are unaware of the developments available to them.

Incorrect selections:

  • Despite technological advancements, many users aren’t equipped with the right information to make an informed decision on the best access equipment for their project. Too many options can leave users overwhelmed, resulting in decisions that negatively impact productivity—like using a ladder versus low-level access equipment or using a machine that’s less efficient for the job.
  • When selecting a lift for the job, it’s important to carefully consider the needs of your job site. Choosing a larger machine than you need can increase your costs and negatively impact productivity, from wasted time spent on maneuvering a machine, to increased fuel and maintenance costs. The new JLG® X660SJ Compact Crawler Boom Lift, for instance, enables operators to reach full height efficiently, climb slopes with ease and go more places around the job site, such as through gates and standard doorways. The JLG X660SJ also features a compact design, optional lithium-ion battery power for green operation, and applications for indoor and outdoor job sites.


New innovations have boosted productivity on the job site, but product familiarization and training are critical to remain safe, productive and profitable. 

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