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Need Productivity in Low-Level Access Places? Try a Non-Powered EcoLift

Blog Posts - Oct 23

Need Productivity in Low-Level Access Places? Try a Non-Powered EcoLift

Misty Mason
Product Manager, Low Level Access
JLG Industries

The use of ladders, scaffolding and podiums to reach low-level work at height has peaked. These outdated tools simply cannot measure up to modern-day safety and productivity standards.

For situations where a ladder, scaffolding or podium was once used but is no longer the best option to reach work at height, JLG’s EcoLift™ series of low-level access lifts offer operators an alternative. Equipped with an innovative lift/lower mechanism that is easier to use, operators can get to height to work comfortably with both hands and a 360-degree range of motion — all while reducing fatigue and eliminating the hassle of carrying tools and supplies up and down ladders and scaffolding. These benefits combine to give operators more confidence to tackle low-level tasks like changing light bulbs, hanging décor or accessing HVAC ductwork. A look at Ecolifts at a glance
And, JLG® EcoLifts are power-free and have no oil, batteries or hydraulics, making them an eco-friendly, non-disruptive solution for sensitive environments.

Let’s take a closer look at these machines…

Key specs
JLG has two EcoLift models to choose from: The EcoLift 50 has a platform height of 5 ft, offering a working height of 11 ft. The EcoLift 70 has a platform height of 7 ft 3 in, offering a working height of 13 ft.
Eco 50 vs Eco 70 Chart
Both EcoLift models are rated for indoor-use only.

Key features
EcoLifts are designed to offer efficient work in a facility or office setting. Highlights of these JLG non-powered, low-level access machines include:


  • These machines offer unrestricted lift cycles and can be used 24/7
  • EcoLifts are up to 4x faster to use than scaffolding or ladders, especially since these models can reach a full working height in 11 seconds
  • These models can be maneuvered around aisles and through doorways. Both can fit through a single doorway 
  • EcoLifts can be used on sensitive flooring thanks to their lightweight design with low ground-bearing pressure

Ease of use

  • No power is required to operate, eliminating the need for charging and resulting in less downtime
  • A patented lift mechanism utilizes a gas-pressurized cylinder and gravity, along with 10% of the operator’s body strength, to elevate the machine  
  • The auto-brake feature engages when the operator steps onto the platform / enters the machine

Ergonomically friendly

  • There is less stress on operators due to climbing, bending, twisting, etc. that typically happens on ladders and scaffolding


  • Battery and oil-free which means there is no need to charge, add water or add lubricant — operators can just go to work! And, there is no need to worry about spills or leaks
  • EcoLifts are ideal for use in quiet locations. With no alarms or flashing beacons, they provide minimal sound disturbance to sensitive work environments


When to use these machines
EcoLifts are ideally suited for many at-height jobs to be done, including in applications such as:

  • Fit out / finish work – end of construction projects
  • Data centers, cubicle farms, libraries, hospitals and universities
  • General maintenance, HVAC, AC, sprinkler system, electric cabling, lighting
  • Food production
  • Oil refineries

Recent updates
JLG’s popular low-level access EcoLift models recently have gotten a fresh new look. And, these updated machines now offer operators a new level of comfort and confidence. 

These redesigned models now offer:

  • Steel platforms and steps for added durability
  • Revamped platform rails to provide operators more confidence
  • Improved castors for better swivel, less resistance and easier to lock/unlock wheels

In addition to these important improvements, there are also changes to the spirit level for parts commonality, removal of the aluminum strip for a smoother lift, independent gate operation and moving the hang recovery tool to an improved location. 

JLG’s commitment to the market
We are committed to providing smarter alternatives to traditional working methods like scaffolding, ladders and podiums. Our low-level access products like the refreshed EcoLift models create an improved and more sustainable working environment, improving productivity and reducing body stress and fatigue for users. 

These products are unique and combine a patented mechanism made with a gas-pressurized cylinder and gravity so that batteries and hydraulic systems are not needed. Therefore, there is no need for charging them, and they are always ready to go! 

Our push-around access platforms offer an alternative way to work at low-level heights and will change the way operators complete maintenance, repairs and installation tasks.

Want to learn more about JLG’s updated low-level access EcoLifts? For more details, click here.

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