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A First Look at the New ClearSky Smart Fleet IoT Platform

Blog Posts - Aug 23

A First Look at the New ClearSky Smart Fleet IoT Platform

Ara Eckel
Director, Product Management, Connected Solutions
JLG Industries

Today’s telematics can only do so much. Yes, it enables users to streamline access to important machine information quickly and effectively through digital channels, thereby increasing machine uptime and utilization, boosting productivity and machine performance and reducing downtime.

But, it also has some major challenges to overcome, including the actionability of data, confusion about what to do with it and how to manage it and the availability of connectivity on job sites.

So, what’s the solution? Stop talking about telematics. Talk about IoT instead.

What’s the difference? While telematics is primarily focused on the remote monitoring of an asset, IoT offers a broader scope as the internet connects devices and allows them to communicate to each other. 

As telematics evolves into IoT capabilities, JLG is at the forefront of this transformation with its all-new ClearSky Smart Fleet™ offering.


A New IoT Offering From JLG

What is ClearSky Smart Fleet? It is a next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) platform for true, two-way fleet management and machine interactivity. It reimagines what’s possible, paving the way to a new frontier for connectivity solutions in the industry. 

More than yet another singular piece of software, it’s built as a robust, constantly evolving IoT platform capable of delivering new functionality, new insights and new ways to run cost-effective operations.

Let’s take a closer look…

What are the main features of the new ClearSky Smart Fleet platform?

This generation of ClearSky is a ground-up redesign, adding innovative elements to transform the way customers work. Key features include:

  • Digitized daily processes for operational efficiencies
  • Accurate and efficient machine location 
  • Additional equipment service capabilities
  • Streamlined logistics with Automated Site Networks
  • Actionable, on-demand machine and fleet insights 

How is ClearSky Smart Fleet different from legacy ClearSky?
Current ClearSky, like most telematics systems, offers communication mainly from the machine to the cloud. Meaning the machine captures and sends data to the web-based portal or via an API data feed to the customers’ proprietary system. It does not support sending information from the cloud to the machine. 

ClearSky Smart Fleet will offer two-way communication, allowing for continued collection of data from the machine, while introducing the ability to push data to the machine. This enables the system to offer a wider range of functionality and deliver greater value.

ClearSky Smart Fleet will be standard on most new machines produced later this year, and customers with existing JLG products can continue to use the legacy ClearSky program for their connected needs. Both platforms will be integrated into Online Express, JLG’s 24/7 e-Commerce site. 

Who developed ClearSky Smart Fleet?
ClearSky Smart Fleet is built by JLG, exclusively for JLG customers. JLG is taking a controlling stake in its digital and connected future, providing more value for JLG equipment and products to customers and end users. This new approach is a major shift that will allow us to standardize connectivity, maximize customer value and minimize costs by eliminating a third-party service provider. 

How will a customer login to the new ClearSky Smart Fleet portal?
ClearSky Smart Fleet is integrated into Online Express. It uses new or existing credentials and is a unified login, not a separate one. Once logged in, the ClearSky Smart Fleet portal and mobile app are fully integrated into Online Express for easy access to the resources and information users need to manage their fleet, troubleshoot, order parts — everything needed to keep their JLG equipment in top shape. All with a single login. 

Will ClearSky Smart Fleet be available via a mobile app?
The ClearSky Smart Fleet platform offers a brand-new web-portal and mobile application. The web portal will deliver clear, user-friendly navigation and powerful features for immediate visibility of a fleet’s health and performance data. The mobile application is optimized to give the person interacting with a machine or job site direct insights including charge, fuel level, location, access control and the presence of any active or historical trouble codes. 

Will ClearSky Smart Fleet work with my in-house telematics system?
Yes. Through an advanced API data feed, JLG customers can combine ClearSky Smart Fleet data into their current telematics solution to manage their entire mixed fleet from a single screen, no matter where they are.

How can I find out more about ClearSky Smart Fleet?
Additional details about ClearSky Smart Fleet are available at smartfleet.JLG.com. For the most up-to-date information, click here

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