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Hear What People Are Saying About JLG’s Rotating Telehandlers

Blog Posts - Jul 23

Hear What People Are Saying About JLG’s Rotating Telehandlers

Sara Vincent
Director of Marketing
JLG Industries

On job sites across North America, boundaries are tightening, space is shrinking and congestion is on the rise.

Whether the work is to lift and place, work at height or move suspended loads, rotating telehandlers are becoming increasingly popular on these types of sites because they allow operators to better maneuver in confined areas compared to other equipment options, completely transforming the way crews work.
Benefits of JLG Rotating Telehandlers at a Glance
Rotating telehandlers are still a relatively new concept in North America, even to those who regularly use telehandlers, but now that JLG’s new line of rotating telehandlers is available in the United States and Canada, people are taking notice of how the unique features and benefits of these machines help get work done more efficiently. 

To give you a better perspective of what real equipment owners and operators are saying about how they are using these machines, JLG created a 4-part video series highlighting their experiences.  

Video 1: Access Tight Job Sites
Tom P, operating engineer, says that JLG’s rotating telehandler may look big, but it maneuvers like a small machine in space-restricted areas. 

Video 2: Get More Work Done
Rental Salesman Dave B says that equipped with features like remote boom control operators don’t have to wait for things to happen, they can make it happen.

Video 3: No Other Way to Do the Work
Eric F, head of construction management, says that JLG’s rotating telehandler makes everything better, faster and quicker. 

Video 4: A Crane Alternative
Job Site Superintendent Jay S says that the JLG rotating telehandler has done everything they’ve asked it to do.

For an in-depth look at JLG’s rotating telehandler line-up, visit rotatingtelehandlers.com. To download an infographic that highlights the features and benefits customers are talking about, click here.

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