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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Equipment Safety Answered

Blog Posts - May 23

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Equipment Safety Answered

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA

Whether you have one machine or a whole fleet, JLG® equipment is backed by product experts, tools, reference materials and resources. Because safety is very important to JLG, when you have a safety-related question about one of our products, we want to help you get it answered right away. 

Below are answers to seven of the most frequently asked questions JLG’s Product Safety & Reliability Department gets asked...

7 FAQs About Machine Inspections at a Glance

#1) How do I contact the JLG Product Safety & Reliability Department to ask a question?

Inquiries regarding standards compliance, design criteria or overall aerial lift safety and telehandler safety can be directed to the JLG Product Safety & Reliability Department via:

Mail: 13244 Fountain Head Plaza, Hagerstown, MD 21742-2678
Toll-Free: +1-877-554-7233
Telephone: +1-240-420-2661
Fax: +1-301-745-3713
Email: ProductSafety@JLG.com


#2) Can I modify a JLG aerial lift or telehandler? 

Modifying a JLG product without JLG’s written permission is a safety concern and may be a violation of government regulations and industry standards. Please read and complete the Application Approval form (30 KB PDF) to apply for modification approvals.


#3) How do I register my JLG aerial lift or telehandler?

It is very important for JLG to maintain current ownership records on its products. If you recently sold or acquired a JLG product, please provide us with the current owner information: Product Registration form. You can also use the JLG Product Owner Update Form available online.


#4) Where can I find warranty, safety and service bulletins for JLG products?

Applicable safety and service bulletins for your JLG product can be found by completing a search based on the serial number of your JLG product. JLG recommends that you regularly check for any safety and service bulletins that may affect your JLG product.

Once a safety or service bulletin is completed, please fill out the JLG Campaign Completion Form (34 KB PDF) and return it to the JLG Product Safety & Reliability Department.


#5) How do I report an incident with a JLG product?

The JLG Product Safety & Reliability Department must be notified immediately in all instances where JLG products have been involved in an accident leading to personal injury or death or when substantial property damage has occurred. To report an incident in the United States, call 1-877-554-7233. Accidents outside of the United States should call 240-420-2661. 


#6) What do I do if my JLG product is lost, stolen or needs to be scrapped?

To update JLG on the status of your product, including if it’s missing, stolen, recovered or is being scrapped, please fill out the Product Status Verification Form (30 KB PDF) and follow the instructions to send it back to the JLG Product Safety & Reliability Department.


#7) Where can I find JLG’s safety resources?

JLG provides information on everything safety-related, from inspections and manuals to how-tos and safety videos, for its product. For example, every JLG machine comes with its own Operation & Safety manual, which we encourage you and your equipment operators to always read and understand before using the product. And because JLG products should never be operated or serviced without proper training, the JLG training department provides comprehensive training options, from online supervisor training to MEWP and telehandler operator and equipment service training, to meet your needs.

To access JLG’s library of essential aerial lift safety, product and training information, click here. Additional content can be found on #DirectAccess, available here.

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