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Why is JLG Committed to Sustainability?

Blog Posts - Jan 23

Why is JLG Committed to Sustainability?

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA

Sustainability is one of the most critical considerations of our generation.

Right now, the goals of the Paris Agreement are putting pressure on businesses worldwide to make operations “greener” as continually tightening local and global regulations add to the challenge. Companies have had to adjust priorities to make the investments needed to lower their impact. 

Challenges Driving JLG's Commitment to Sustainability at a Glance
Specific to the access industry, the focus on controlling emissions is greater than ever. Why? Because new manufacturers entering the market, changing audience demographics and growing demand for transparent ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals are driving more progressive steps forward. 

That is why, at JLG, we believe we must prioritize responsible practices above all else. And, it’s time for us to take matters into our own hands — time to reignite the industry by delivering the innovations and technologies needed to enrich lives and redefine job sites. As an Oshkosh Company, JLG is committed to responsible manufacturing. We're always looking for better ways to deliver the energy-efficient solutions our customers expect, as well as to reduce our overall impact in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

That starts with reimagining our product portfolio. We're constantly investing in product electrification, from rethinking the market’s preference for traditional diesel-powered machines to using lithium-ion batteries in some of our machines to lower job site emissions. 

But, offering more electrified products isn’t just about reducing our carbon footprint. These machines have other benefits too, such as a simplified repair process and lower maintenance costs. And thanks to modern digital tools like our comprehensive battery management systems and intelligent insight displays, electric machines can help our equipment owners unlock greater profitability without compromising their users’ performance with JLG machines. 

The need for companies to maximize sustainability in their operations is only set to increase, and JLG is dedicated to investing in electrifying our products, building greener infrastructure and implementing practices that meet the rising demand for environmental responsibility and decarbonizing of the construction site. These commitments are woven through our organization, and they're how we will continue to lead the way for our customers and our industry. To learn more, click here.

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