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Let’s Take a Look at JLG’s Completely Redesigned Vertical Lift Series

Blog Posts - Nov 22

Let’s Take a Look at JLG’s Completely Redesigned Vertical Lift Series

Misty Mason
Product Manager, Low Level Access
JLG Industries

For years, JLG’s traditional vertical lift line — 20MSP and 20MVL — has been tried-and-true, proven products that users could rely on to tackle up-and-over work in confined spaces, offering an alternative to using ladders and scaffolding.

These models were highly reputable in the industrial market but did not meet the needs of the construction market.

Newly Redesigned Mast Lifts at a Glance
Through voice of the customer (VOC) work, we realized that customers are looking for certain machine attributes and set out to redesign our series of vertical lifts, from the ground up.  

Customer-driven redesign

During our VOC interviews, customers shared thoughts on our legacy models, including:
  • Changes to the ANSI A92.20 standards increased the weight 20MVL from 2,000 lbs to 2,363 lbs. Lower machine weight is required for use on sensitive flooring and for more efficient transport.
  • The steering style with caster wheels is not desirable in many applications because it is not as maneuverable and controllable in tight areas on and around debris.
  • The open channels on the extension deck and the style and setup of our mast allowed debris to collect and cause damage.
  • The maintenance access points were hard to manage, making routine and preventative maintenance tasks difficult to complete.
  • Questions about how these models would hold up in typical construction site applications.
From these findings, we decided that a few updates here and there to our current models wouldn’t meet customers’ needs. Instead, we committed to completely redesigning our vertical lift series to offer a brand-new product line. One that combines the advancements in technology and innovation JLG has to offer while addressing the machine requirements of the construction customer.

The new vertical lift series from JLG has been re-engineered to provide the most important features and benefits: Maximized durability, ease of serviceability and enhanced productivity — while keeping operator safety, confidence and comfort in mind.

Introducing the new models

JLG’s new vertical mast lift series is made up of two all-new machine models:

  • E18MCL for construction and industrial applications that require outdoor and indoor capable machines
  • E18MML for finish work and general maintenance work, as well as for cleaner indoor-only applications

The “E” in these models’ nomenclature stands for “Electric,” a nod to the machines’ modern DC electric drive system. Engineered with long-running batteries, the E18s offer two times more duty cycles than the market-leading competitive model. And, their four batteries have new placement under the platform to enhance performance.

The E18MCL is rated for indoor and outdoor use, opening up unlimited application opportunities. Equipped with non-marketing tires, its scissor-style steering is similar to JLG scissor lifts for quick familiarization and solid control through tight spaces and doorways.

The E18MML is rated for indoor use only, making it an ideal machine for sensitive flooring and finish work applications, including maintenance. The Point & Go® steering with caster wheels on these models is the same as the more traditional vertical lift steering style on JLG’s predecessor models.

Both E18 models are available with a Stock Picker Package Option for stock picking in warehouse and distribution center applications. This option includes a fold-down work tray platform with side entry saloon doors, gate alarm and dual amber beacons. An order picker is a specialized piece of equipment that enables more efficient piece picking and pallet-less handling. To learn more, click here.

Other notable features of this new series include:

  • Commonality with JLG scissor lifts, including toolless entry into key areas, to enhance serviceability. This reduces familiarization time and increases efficiency with parts, service and maintenance needs.
  • Comes standard with JLG’s field-proven load-sensing system. This pressure-based system monitors the load of persons, materials and tools in the platform to ensure the machine’s capacity ratings are not exceeded.
  • Compatibility with the JLG Handheld Analyzer for on-site troubleshooting, and these models’ onboard Multi-Display Indicator provides real-time DTC codes and errors.
  • Optimized durability with an improved roller system on the extension deck and re-engineered mast guards to reduce the potential for debris to accumulate and hinder the operation.
  • Ergonomic controls and enhanced entry/exit from the platform were designed with the operator in mind.
  • Quick change platform system allows for an efficient change of platforms to suit unique job requirements. Options include extension decks and trays to enhance productivity.
The new E18 models are also available with market-leading options such as ClearSky™ telematics for fleet maintenance and management, CleanGuard™ for leak containment and a USB charger and phone cradle to give operators extra conveniences in the platform. 

Spec check

JLG spec’d the E18 vertical lifts for productivity, no matter the application they are working in. For instance, the platform height on the E18MCL is 18 ft indoors and 13 ft outdoors, while the E18MML and the E18 with Stock Picker Package Option models have 18 ft indoors. All of the E18 models also boast 30-percent gradeability. In comparison to other types of lifts used in construction, maintenance and warehouse applications, these new models can go higher than micro scissor lifts with less of a footprint allowing them to fit in smaller, more confined spaces.

These models have a platform capacity of 450 lbs when equipped with the standard platform (reduced to 400 lbs with some of the optional platforms). These models offer 22 percent more capacity with the standard platform (and 14 percent more with the extension or work tray platform) than comparable competitive vertical models in the market. 

Keeping machine weight low was very important in our redesign. The new E18s weigh 1900 lbs when equipped with the standard platform (increases to 1,950 lbs with some of the optional platforms) — a lower gross vehicle weight than comparable competitive vertical models, which are over 2,000 lbs. And, we didn’t stop there. The E18s are engineered with a zero turning radius to provide maximum maneuverability in a lightweight machine. This means that these machines can go on most freight elevators, work on sensitive flooring and fit through doorways.

JLG’s new E18 vertical mast lifts are now available. For more information on these new models, click here.

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