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CASE STUDY: JLG® DaVinci® Lift Proves Itself in Cold-Temperature Applications

Case Studies - Dec 22

CASE STUDY: JLG® DaVinci® Lift Proves Itself in Cold-Temperature Applications

Bob Begley
Director - Product Management
JLG Industries

Machine operation and productivity in cold temperatures is a huge concern for users who are considering using electric equipment in cold-temperature applications, like in refrigerated food processing warehouses, cold storage facilities, vaccine laboratories, or outdoors in winter weather conditions, to name a few.

That’s because working in below-freezing conditions can impact the performance of these machines, resulting in slow, sluggish functionality and reduced battery runtime by up to 50 percent, partly due to hydraulics and previous battery technology.

For example, it’s commonplace for a hydraulic scissor lift equipped with flood-leaded acid (FLA) batteries to not even get a full shift’s worth of work in freezing temperatures. He also notes that it takes at least eight hours to fully charge these machines.

But despite cold-weather performance concerns, traditional electric scissor lifts are often needed on maintenance projects or construction job sites because of restrictions in certain work environments, like noise and air pollution requirements, that prevent the use of internal combustion (diesel, dual fuel or gas) machines. 

But, what about the innovative new JLG® AE1932 DaVinci® lift with its all-electric components and quick-charging lithium-ion battery pack? 

In this whitepaper, we highlight how we recently put the DaVinci lift to the test in one of the harshest, coldest working climates available — an industrial freezer — and share with you the conclusions of our testing. Download below to learn more. If you're not already subscribed to receive regular updates from Direct Access, you will be prompted to enter your contact information before the download begins.

Download White Paper

For more information on the JLG DaVinci scissor lift, click here.

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