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PODCAST: Lightning Lifts – Electrification in Aerial Equipment

Videos & Podcasts - Oct 22

PODCAST: Lightning Lifts – Electrification in Aerial Equipment

Rob Messina
Senior VP of Product Development and Product Management
JLG Industries

With auto companies promising to eliminate internal combustion engine vehicles and cities banning fuel-burning equipment on job sites, the end of gas and diesel engines powering the equipment we rent may be in sight in our lifetimes. 

In a recent episode of “Counter Talks” podcast, I spoke with Canadian Rental Service Editor Patrick Flannery about the state of technology in electrified aerial equipment and what I’m seeing while making and marketing these products around the world. 

Tune in to hear more about why battery-powered equipment is getting more popular; where it works best and where it doesn’t; how engineers are making storage better; why charge times aren’t as short as we might like; what rental companies need to know when they go electric; and why we better not fire our engine mechanics just yet. 

To listen to “Lightning Lifts – Electrification in Aerial Equipment.” click here.

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