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Let’s Take a Look at the Updated JLG® Augmented Reality App

Blog Posts - Sep 22

Let’s Take a Look at the Updated JLG® Augmented Reality App

Ara Eckel
Director, Product Management, Connected Solutions
JLG Industries

With the recent updates to the JLG augmented reality (AR) app, we significantly evolved the tool to provide more value by increasing users’ productivity with it.

For example, the new Fleet feature essentially allows the user to save content that they have accessed within the application locally. So, even when they don’t have cellular reception, they can still actively use the app without needing to be connected to the cloud.  

JLG's Updated Augmented Reality App at a Glance

Also, the app supports 60+ JLG models currently in production, as well as provides support for many historical models, some dating back to 2015. Taking this into account, the app includes information on more than 150 different machines.

In addition to these important enhancements to the app, JLG’s augmented reality offering offers many unique features and benefits. Here are more specifics on how it helps users…

How much time and money can users save by utilizing the JLG AR app? 

One of the benefits that we’re hearing from the field about JLG’s AR app is that it’s helping our customers from being overloaded — and overwhelmed — by data. This is common when there’s so much data available that a customer doesn’t even know where to start to find the answers to the questions they have. With so much data at our fingertips today, it’s become increasingly difficult to access the right information at the right time.

For example, our rental store customers say the AR app saves them time by:

  1. Helping their branch managers identify the right machine for a renter’s project the first time, reducing guesswork and the duplication of logistics and rental paperwork.
  2. Enabling their renters to quickly refresh operators on “how to operate” the machines by accessing relevant operational guidance right from their phones, rather than searching online or through equipment manuals.
  3. Leveraging the machine inspections module to help make sure that service technicians are following the OEM recommended service tasks, ensuring machines are rental ready. 
  4. Having the decal viewer available in 20+ languages to reduce the time that it for their service techs to identify what might be occurring with that specific machine when they arrive on a job site.
We’re hearing from the field about the opportunities users see with using the app to attract the next generation of workers. And, there’s interest in using this technology to assist newer workers with formerly cumbersome tasks. It is also going to help users drive efficiencies when workforce numbers are limited. For example, having access to service information without needing to reference a manual or make a call streamlines a technician’s job. 

How do these benefits translate into cost savings and lowering a machine’s total cost of ownership? 

Because JLG’s app is specifically designed for use on real-world job sites, it translates into cost savings and a lower total cost of ownership by reducing the costs and saving the time it takes for users (both rental stores and their customers) to plan for projects, order/rent the equipment, use the equipment and service the equipment. For example, does a machine fit where it is wanted? Does it offer the lift height and/or reach needed to get the work done? Does the operator have access to the machine’s Operation & Safety manual? Is the machine up to date on its inspections?

With the app, users can confidently select the right machines and accessories for the job, navigate the virtual machines around their job sites to confirm planning and to access additional educational resources for safer, more efficient machine operation, including interactive guides and operating information and the inspection tool to keep fleets of access machines ready for rent. 

The JLG AR App is an exclusive and differentiated value for JLG machines. A large responsibility we have as the leading global aerial equipment manufacturer is to truly understand the needs of our customers who are using the app, what they expect from it and how they want to interact with it. The recent updates to the app addressed what our customers have been asking for, and we will continue to look for ways to improve and innovate our digital solutions’ offerings based on their future feedback.

As you can see, there is a lot of benefit and value in the JLG AR app, and the best part is that it is 100 percent free to download and use (some limitations may apply in select global markets).


What’s coming next?

The response to the app since it debuted in 2020 (launched at CONEXPO-CON/AGG) has been phenomenal. To date, there have been more than 1,500 users on the app with hundreds of new users accessing it since we recently launched the updated version.

Moving forward, we are focused on expanding the footprint of the app to ensure we maximize global usage. This means adding more machine content to the existing modules and increasing the ease of adoption for our customers everywhere.

Looking for more information on the updated JLG AR app, click here.

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