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Get Reach & Mobility with Towable Boom Lifts

Blog Posts - Jul 22

Get Reach & Mobility with Towable Boom Lifts

Craig Edwards
VP, National Accounts
JLG Industries

Towable boom lifts are not necessarily a common MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) category for advanced technology and innovation. They are oftentimes selected because they are simple to use and offer easy access for work at height — both features continue to drive significant demand for this type of equipment.

Get Reach and Mobility with Towable Booms at a Glance

Despite their simplicity, the biggest advantage that towable boom lifts (also known as trailer-mounted or tow-behind lifts) offer is that they let operators tackle the same jobs as other electric or diesel-powered boom lifts — but with an easier option for transportation, most users can transport one without delivery service. With towable boom lifts, operators get both the reach and mobility they need to efficiently get work done at height.

Trailer-mounted boom lifts remain popular among users who need the ability to quickly tow a lift between multiple locations on a single job site or between job sites with a pickup truck and standard combination hitch. For example, typical applications for tow-behind lifts are tree trimming, exterior painting, light replacement and installation, as well as building, home and facilities maintenance work. 

While many MEWP categories were subject to design changes to meet the most recently published ANSI 92.20 and CSA B354.6 machine design standards, the towable category was not; therefore, these machines’ designs have not changed much throughout the years. Trailer-mounted boom lifts fall under the ANSI 92.2 standard.

To meet market demand for tow-behind MEWPs, JLG offers two towable boom lift options: The Tow-Pro® T350 and T500J. The T350 joined the T500J in 2016 and represented an expansion from a single JLG® 50-ft platform height model to include a smaller 35-ft platform height machine. For more information on these models, click here

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