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Industry Trends

WEBINAR: The Changing World of Off-Highway Equipment

Videos & Podcasts - Dec 21

WEBINAR: The Changing World of Off-Highway Equipment

On November 9th at 1:00 pm, Design World magazine hosted the webinar “The Changing World of Off-Highway Equipment,” as part of its Future of Design Engineering series. The event featured JLG’s Senior Director of Future Technology and Industrial Design Ignacy Puszkiewicz as the keynote speaker.

Below is an abstract from Puszkiewicz’s presentation…

We are living in the era of rapid change and technological advancement. Those changes affect the evolution and design of off-highway equipment. The need to combat climate change through sustainable technology and to meet the newest expectations of users, project owners and the public at large is driving electrification and the overall movement towards alternative powertrains. This trend was met with skepticism just few years ago, however, today is accelerating and bringing exciting developments in aerial equipment design and capabilities.

In addition to the adaptation of electric power sources, we are seeing development of hydraulic free machines, sometimes forgetting that to some extent, we are “going back to the future” since hydraulic systems are still relatively new in terms of technology advancements.

Off-highway equipment is starting to incorporate “moments of autonomy” to improve productivity and assist today’s 5-generation workforce with repetitive tasks that could cause strain or overuse injuries on the job. Additionally, increasing the digitization of machine systems supports integration with the Internet of Things (IoT), another trend we are seeing accelerate across the off-road vehicle segments.

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