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Benefits of Being a JLG® Qualified Trainer

Blog Posts - Nov 21

Benefits of Being a JLG® Qualified Trainer

Jennifer Stiansen
Director of Marketing
JLG Industries

Whether companies need team members trained or individuals plan to create a successful training business of their own, they can all find the right tools in the JLG® Train-the-Trainer program.
At A Glance Trainer
The Train-the-Trainer program provides world-class training and materials and is offered in three flexible options:

These courses cover everything from operator training and hands-on activities to regulations, including OSHA requirements and the new ANSI A92 standards. But, the benefits of going through JLG’s program reach well beyond the information taught in class.

Cost savings
Construction companies want a safety professional or trainer in-house not only to monitor compliance concerns, but also to save on money and resources, says Logan Cunningham, JLG product training specialist.

Once someone graduates from the Train-the-Trainer program, they can then go back to their company and train the employees. By performing the training in-house, owners don’t have to pay for additional travel expenses or downtime due to lost labor during their absences.  

“We provide the graduates with everything they need,” Cunningham says of the program. “So, when they leave, they are operators and trainers on all of the equipment we offer.”

While the majority of those in the program are safety professionals, there are also individuals who intend to start their own, private training company after graduating. Another main group who come to the class include foreman or other lead supervisors within a company.

“It gives people the ability to not only run equipment, but also to be more confident during operation,” Cunningham says. “When they get back, they are also much more marketable. They can take on more responsibility as a supervisor or in a safety role.”

Trusted source
Receiving industry-leading training directly from a manufacturer provides a level of confidence in what they’ve learned, which is one of the main remarks about JLG’s training that Cunningham hears from trainers. 

“They know they will get the best training with us,” he says. “It’s always a benefit they like.”

With that knowledge and expertise under their belts, it’s important they apply what they’ve learned and take the training seriously, Cunningham says.

“They’re teaching our program, so they can’t leave here and not do it like we do it,” he says. “Once they get back to their site, they’re held accountable to teach the way they were taught and continue that throughout.”

With the knowledge and training they receive during the program, several of the graduates have an eye-opening experience when they go back to their companies and evaluate their programs.

“I’ve heard of people going back who realized their company wasn’t doing things the right way. We hear that remark every week,” Cunningham says. “They see they’ve been doing this wrong and had no idea about the requirements or other things they were supposed to be doing but weren’t. They then become the spokesperson to educate the others.”

Full access to materials
In addition to giving graduates a solid foundation, JLG also ensures they have all of the tools needed to properly train their employees.

Each program graduate receives operator and instructor cards that cover all of the classifications for those machines. They will also have free admittance to the JLG University online learning management system. 

The online portal includes downloadable training materials, videos and anything else covered in the classes. Those who complete the course will also have access to translated materials to teach operator training. The materials currently are available in Spanish, French and Chinese.

“Another website available to graduates of the program is the online learning management system, AccessReady. This is their website they can use that runs through JLG to keep track of their operators, issue operator cards and find everything they need to bring their training back home,” Cunningham says. “No one else has something like AccessReady.”

Trainers receive access to the system once they graduate from the program, and that includes record keeping, grading, e-learning and more. They can also talk with any trainer who has gone through the program, broadening their industry network and resources.

AccessReady recently underwent a huge revamp, now offering even more features. One of the most popular functions allows the trainer to add team members and/or employees to keep track of their records. As an admin, they can see how much of the training program the other members have completed, when they pass and the grade they earned.

Learning for all levels
Anyone can take the classes, regardless of any previous safety or operator experience, and there are no prerequisites needed to enroll. So, there’s no reason for people to feel timid about taking one of the courses due to a lack of experience, Cunningham says. 

“We get into the 80-foot boom lift the first day you’re here,” Cunningham says. “It’s designed to start at the most basic level and we work up from there. You don’t have to be an expert.”

Graduates must retake the class every five years due to the ongoing changes with the industry, technology and machines. “Everything changes so frequently,” he says. “In five years, you’re going to learn something new.”

No matter what level of experience professionals go into the program with, JLG’s Train-the-Trainer can help them become more marketable — both inside their current companies and beyond.

“You learn new skills, so once you get back, you can start applying them,” Cunningham says. “If you get back to your company and know what you’re talking about, tell them where they’re cutting corners and show liability issues, that would benefit you a lot.”

To learn more about training options available from JLG, including the Train-the-Trainer program, click here

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