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Find and Order Parts Fast with Online Express

Articles - Aug 21

Find and Order Parts Fast with Online Express

Travis Myers
Director of Customer Support for North America
JLG Industries

Whether you are shopping for parts for one machine or for an entire mixed equipment fleet, it is important to get the right part to the right place at the right time. That’s because your crew’s productivity begins and ends when your equipment is working at full capacity — uptime matters. 

So, the longer it takes to find the parts you need, the more frustrating the buying process can be. Which makes finding parts fast the key to a quick, convenient purchasing experience. 

To save time searching for parts and ordering as efficiently as possible, JLG’s online parts purchasing tool — JLG® Online Express — can help you via desktop or mobile device. Here’s how…

Guest access
If you are new to Online Express, JLG offers the ability to search by part number or description. Just type the part information you have into the site’s search bar, and the site will navigate you to the item you’re looking for, providing you with details on the product, as well as pricing and availability. The ability to search for parts makes finding what you need fast and simple.

Not exactly sure what part you are looking for? That’s okay, Online Express allows you to access JLG’s full equipment manuals library (in PDF form) to research the particular components used on your machine (i.e. weldments, electrical, hydraulic or drivetrain). These manuals can help you identify the part you need, and with that information, you can quickly and easily do a search on Online Express for it.

During your search, you can add any items you’re interested in purchasing to the shopping cart and have them ready to order when you go to checkout.

Registered access
When you’re ready to make a purchase, you’ll be asked to register for a free account on Online Express (if you haven’t already created one). 

Once you are registered, you will not only be able to search for parts and add items to your shopping cart, but you also will gain access to additional site features and functionality that can make your shopping experience even more convenient — resources such as interactive manuals and 3-D schematics, an equipment information center, in-depth technical support in the Help Center and a variety of order management tools.

Interactive manuals  
JLG’s interactive parts manuals search feature lets you enter a specific machine’s serial number and shows you the exact manual for your machine’s systems and components. You can zoom in on specific part details to help you find the right one. With the ability to view your machine’s system or component down to this level of detail, you can have the confidence of ordering the right part. Identified parts can be selected from the diagram or the parts list and added to your cart.  

3-D hydraulic schematics give you the ability to quickly locate and trace a circuit to its functions based on your machine’s configuration. This means that not only can you more easily troubleshoot hydraulic issues, but it simplifies part identification and ordering too — just click on the part you need to add it to your shopping cart.

Equipment information center
The equipment information center provides you with a comprehensive serviceable overview for JLG products by serial number. This page includes Ship, In-Service and End of Warranty dates, product variant codes, service and safety bulletins, as well as engine information and specifics. In addition, this page includes details on equipment’s as-built bill of materials (BOM), which is a list of specific components your machine was built with (with click to cart functionality). 
These resources are important in helping you quickly find the right information about your JLG machine and get it back in service as soon as possible. 

Technical support
If you’d like more personalized help in finding parts fast, JLG’s customer support team is available to answer your questions and provide you with a deeper level of technical support. You can get in touch with them via online chat or you can contact them via phone or email through “Resources” menu in the Help Center. 

Order management tools
Once you are ready to place your order, Online Express gives you access to a variety of order management tools to support you during the checkout process. For example, freight quoting provides visibility into how your parts will ship, as well as gives you an accurate estimate of freight costs for your entire order by carrier service level. More than 100,000 parts on Online Express are available with same-day shipping, 

After you’ve completed your purchase, Online Express will provide you with an order confirmation, as well as gives the ability to track your order, and get notifications when the item has shipped. You can also check the status of back-ordered and out-of-stock items. In the system, you can also search for invoices and account statements to current balances owed and to reconcile your inventory. You are also able to quickly and easily view your entire order history.

Once you’ve placed your order, Online Express can help you take additional action, if needed. For example, if you need to send an item back after it’s been delivered, there is a menu option available to initiate the return process and track status. 

Another handy tool is the shopping lists feature. This allows you to create records of your most commonly ordered items and save them for fast, convenient reordering in the future. It also enables you to keep track of specialty items that you might need only once in a while but don’t want to forget about. You can have multiple shopping lists at one time, and you can modify and update your shopping lists, adding or removing items, whenever you want, to better manage your inventory. Your lists are never archived or deleted by the system so you can come back and reference them anytime. Being able to put a quote together, save it and come back later to continue the transaction makes ordering multiple and routine items very efficient. 

Finally, being a registered user on Online Express means that you have access to the site’s administrator features, which allows you to add and manage user permissions in your account. It also gives you the ability to manage your account settings. This ensures that your account is set up the way you want it to be, by making important changes and updates as needed, like password resets, new shipping addresses or different contact details.

Whether you are shopping for parts for one machine or a fleet of units, JLG’s Online Express is the efficient, user-friendly purchasing tool you’ve been looking for to quickly find and order parts. When you’re ready to buy parts online, shop here

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