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Tips for Parking JLG Group B (Boom Lift) MEWPs

Tech Tips - May 21

Tips for Parking JLG Group B (Boom Lift) MEWPs

Mark Vaughns
Director of Product Safety & Reliability
JLG Industries

At JLG, we often are asked to provide our equipment owners and operators with recommendations for parking JLG® Group B (boom lifts) mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) with the boom in the elevated position.

To respond to these requests, we have provided tips in the Machine Operation section of the JLG Operator & Safety manual that outlines the following guidelines for parking and stowing boom lifts: 

The preferred procedure to shut down and park the machine is as follows: 

  1. Drive the machine to a reasonably well protected area. 
  2. Ensure boom is fully retracted and lowered over rear axle. 
  3. Shut down Emergency Stop at Platform Controls. 
  4. Shut down Emergency Stop at Ground Controls. Position Platform/Ground Select switch to OFF (center position). 
  5. If necessary, cover Platform Controls to protect instruction placards, warning decals and operation controls from hostile environmental conditions. 

If parking a MEWP with the boom elevated in an effort to conserve space, booms may be elevated but shall not be extended. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure all safety precautions in Section 1 of the Operation and Safety Manual are followed for each unique situation. 
Parking Tips for JLG Group B (Boom Lifts) MEWPS
Current owners of JLG products are responsible for the safe and proper operating condition of the subject MEWP. It is also the owners’/users’ responsibility to ensure that JLG products are used as intended, and the equipment operator is responsible for the safe and proper operation and utilization of the MEWP that he/she is actively operating. As such, it is important for everyone to consult the Operation and Safety Manual for the specific JLG MEWP being used for additional information on parking procedures. Also, please consult with local, state and employer regulations for any additional requirements. 

More guidance on safety requirements for operating JLG MEWPs is available here

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