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Insights from the Field: Operating Tips from JLG® Customer Aero Lift, Inc.

Blog Posts - Apr 21

Insights from the Field: Operating Tips from JLG® Customer Aero Lift, Inc.

Jennifer Stiansen
Director of Marketing
JLG Industries

Aero Lift, Inc. has been renting, selling and servicing SkyTrak telehandlers for more than 25 years in Milford, Michigan. Today, the Aero Lift team boasts over 125 years of experience in the rental market. 

Sitting down with Aero Lift Owner Jim Koontz, JLG asked him to share some of the wisdom he’s gained in his years of diagnosing and repairing SkyTrak telehandlers. Here are Jim’s insights from the field on best practices for operating and maintaining rental machines…

Operating Tips From Aero Lift at a Glance

What should a renter do to make sure a rented machine is being properly operated on a job site?

Before operating the equipment, operators and site supervisors need to become familiar with the site conditions. This includes planning your route before picking up materials and driving into potential poor site conditions. 

Also, make sure you know the weight limit for each machine. Each model has a specific maximum weight, and if you exceed that number, it could prove costly in more ways than one. 

It is also important to become familiar with the load chart and operators’ manual. Every rented machine should have one in the weather tight box under the seat.


What tips do you give to renters to help avoid machines from going down on the job-site?

At the beginning of a workday, as well as with every shift change, renters should do a walkaround of the machine and visually inspect for minor issues that can lead to big problems and major downtime. The smallest leak, or disruption in the machine can lead to expensive failures and unnecessary downtime. Call or text your rental company’s service manager with any concerns with potential issues. 

Always keep the fuel tank full. Top it off daily. Running a machine low on fuel invites trouble. Continually running it low, guarantees it.


What do renters need to be doing to best care for a rented machine?

You want to make sure you keep the machine serviced regularly, usually that means oil and fluids changed or updated on a monthly to quarterly basis. Aero Lift provides preventative maintenance on all its rental equipment — this is a no charge service. We offer this complimentary because we believe it keeps our equipment working and significantly reduces downtime.

On longer-term rentals, it’s important to keep the rental company’s service department informed of the location of the rental, especially if the unit has moved to a new job. Also, be sure to perform a visual walkaround of the rental a few times a week, and if you have any questions or concerns, call or text the rental company’s service department immediately.

For more information about Aero Lift, visit their company online here.

For more information about SkyTrak telehandlers, click here.

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