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Insights from the Field: Customer Service Tips from JLG® Customer Aero Lift

Blog Posts - Apr 21

Insights from the Field: Customer Service Tips from JLG® Customer Aero Lift

Jennifer Stiansen
Director of Marketing
JLG Industries

In the rental business for over 25 years, Aero Lift, Inc., Owners Jim, Steve and Matt Koontz have developed systems and processes to not only manage their growing SkyTrak® telehandler equipment fleet but also to provide superior service to their customers.

Competitive pricing and quick response are just a few of the benefits their customers receive from Aero Lift personnel daily, as well as dealing directly with friendly, experienced and committed rental professionals.

Sitting down with Jim Koontz, JLG asked him to share some of the best practices he’s learned from owning and operating a successful rental business...

Customer Service Tips from Aero Lift at a Glance

How does Aero Lift set its business apart from the competition?

The biggest thing we do to set ourselves apart is that we make ourselves available to our customers. For example, we consistently put our managers cell phone numbers on our website, brochures and other marketing materials. And, we answer our phones every time it rings. Simply put, we’re all in, all of the time!

We take pride in the fact that we are attentive, we are responsive and we are authentic. And as a result, we have tremendous customer loyalty and have successfully grown our rental, sales and servicing business in a small, niche market.

How does Aero Lift attract new customers?

Referrals and word-of-mouth references are the number one way we attract new clients, along with using Facebook and our other social platforms. We have also found that adding decals with our company name and phone number to the boom of the machine helps bring in new customers.

What does Aero Lift to do create customer loyalty?

We treat our customers like family, and we’ve found that doing so, helps bring them back time and time again. This means that we deliver products on time, we offer competitive pricing and our performance is second to none.

What should business owners do to stand out in the rental market?

Make sure you, and your team, have a deep knowledge of the machines and parts your business offers, as well as make sure you have products on hand and in inventory. 

It is also important that you have competent employees who are dedicated and knowledgeable and willing to do what it takes to earn the respect of clients, who will turn into customers that return time and time again.

What advice would Aero Lift give to other business owners?

You have to love what you do with every fiber of they’re being. If you’re going into a business, make sure you’re prepared for anything that may come your way. You need to eat, sleep and focus heavily on what it is that you’re going into. For example, long hours are required at first to build up your client base. Also, prepare to invest heavily. In the end though, it’s worth it. 

If your business and what you’re doing is truly your passion, it’ll show through to your clients. 

For more information about Aero Lift, visit their company online here.

For more information about SkyTrak telehandlers, click here.

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