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Insights from the Field: Renting Tips from JLG® Customer Aero Lift, Inc.

Blog Posts - Apr 21

Insights from the Field: Renting Tips from JLG® Customer Aero Lift, Inc.

Jennifer Stiansen
Director of Marketing
JLG Industries

Aero Lift, Inc. has been in the rental business for over 25 years, boasting that customers will receive competitive pricing and quick response from their team each and every day. And, their clients enjoy dealing directly with friendly, experienced and committed personnel.

Sitting down with Aero Lift Owner Jim Koontz, JLG asked him to share some of the best practices he’s learned from renting SkyTrak® telehandlers for more than 25 years in Milford, Michigan.
Rental Tips from Aero Lift at a Glance

What should renters consider when choosing a rental company?

When choosing a rental company to work with, the first thing you want to make sure of is that the rental company picks up the phone every time you call. 

Next, answer these questions to make sure you’re partnering with the right rental provider:

  • Does the rental company have established business standards and clearly stated values?
  • Does the company have experts on staff who offer options and have discussions about the client’s needs?
  • Did they ask you a lot of questions about your project and job site? 
  • Based on the answers you gave, did they offer you equipment and/or attachment recommendations? 

When making an equipment selection, the rental company should be asking you:

  • What do you need the machine to do (i.e. what tasks does it need to accomplish)?
  • Is this machine for indoor or outdoor use? 
  • What ground conditions will the machine be used in?

Always make sure the rental company is answering the three most pertinent questions in any rental situation: What? When? Where?

You should also be sure that you ask the rental company when a machine is dropped off at a job site to familiarize you and anyone who is trained to operate it on the specific make and model machine being rented. Renters should only allow properly trained individuals to use the machine and be certain it’s the right tool for the job at hand.   


What are some of the most common mistakes renters make?

People who call without any pertinent information about their project or job, usually find themselves in a bit of trouble. Make sure you know approximately what, where and when you’ll need a machine. This includes specific details about what the job entails and for how long the job is expected to last. This information better enables rental companies to customize the rental machine for your job, which will make your life a lot easier.

When renters call in to rent a machine, they also need to make sure there are no additional fees that are being added after the price that is quoted. Additional fees can be damage waivers, environment fees and delivery fees. At Aero Lift, we are very upfront with our clients about what the costs are — we give a total cost every time. No hidden fees mean no surprises.

For more information about Aero Lift, visit their company online here.

For more information about SkyTrak telehandlers, click here.

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